How To Manage Data Usage on HTC One Smartphone

Given the fact that Internet access via majority of carrier's mobile data network nowadays is no longer unlimited, tracking or managing of data usage on your smartphone is highly recommended. The data transfer per month on your smartphone comes in a limited amount, which implies that additional charges may apply for any excess data usage/transfer you used. So might as well expect for extra charges to appear on your next billing statement. Other smartphone users who exceed their carrier’s data limit may also experience slow Internet connection/browsing while using their handsets. In order to avoid any of these consequences, better start tracking or managing your smartphone's data use per day. In this regard, we have elaborated the steps on how to manage data transfer/usage on your smartphone in this page. You may refer to this guide if you want.
NOTE: This tutorial is specifically intended for owners of HTC One smartphones who need help on how to track/manage data use on their device.

Step 1. Locate and tap the All Apps icon located at the lower part of the home screen. Doing so will lead you to another screen containing sub-icons and menu options.
Step 2. From the displayed icons, scroll to and tap Settings. It will prompt you with the Settings window.
Step 3. From the Settings window, locate and tap More. Another menu will show up.
Step 4. Tap Usage from the list of More menu options. This will lead you to another screen displaying your current mobile data status, total data usage for the current usage cycle and relevant settings.
Step 5. If you want to modify the usage cycle dates on your HTC One handset, just scroll and tap on Reset data usage option. The usage cycle reset date will display.
Step 6. Decide on your newly preferred usage cycle date, then scroll to the new reset date and finally, tap OK to confirm date reset.
Step 7. If you want to enable data usage alerts or set a data limit on your handset, just tap to check the Limit mobile data usage or Alert me alert me about data usage option. Note that once you enable these features, you will be prompted with alert messages later on. Just read the message and tap Ok to proceed.
Step 8. To set your preferred data level, just tap and drag the horizontal Limit or Alert indicators under the Data Usage Cycle window. You can also tap and drag the vertical bars to any range, if you want to view the data usage for a certain period of time of the current cycle.
Step 9. In order to set limit on data usage per application, scroll and tap application you want to set.
Step 10. Be sure to enable Restrict background data feature by scrolling to and tap to check this option. You will then be displayed with a message telling about the app's feature and how the current changes affects data service once applied.
Step 11. Just read on and understand the entire Restrict background data message and then tap the OK button to continue to the next screen.
Step 12. Finally, tap the Back button to complete the process. You now have successfully applied changes to your smartphone's data usage settings.
If you wish to apply new changes to your HTC One data usage/transfer limit, just follow the same process from steps 1 to 12.

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