How to Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot on HTC One Smartphone [Tutorial]

A Wi-Fi hotspot pertains to a location in which a Wi-Fi capable device can access the Internet. Typically, you would need a password from your Wi-Fi hotspot provider so you can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Among the devices that can access a Wi-Fi hotspot include tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, netbooks and the latest HTC One smartphone.
Here is quick guide for you to set up Wi-Fi hotspot with your HTC One device.
NOTE: A Mobile Hotspot service plan may be necessary for you to use your HTC One smartphone as a mobile hotspot. Verify your carrier's requirements first to avoid any problems later on.
Step 1. Tap the All Apps icons from the home screen to begin with.
Step 2. From the next screen, locate and tap Settings. You will then see the list of network-related features available.
Step 3. Scroll down and tap More. This will lead you to another screen.
Step 4. Scroll down to and tap Mobile network sharing to modify networking sharing on your device.
Step 5. From the available options, select and tap Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings. This feature will let you manage security users and LAN (Local Area Network) settings of your device network.
Step 6. After tapping Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings, a message will display. Be sure to read and understand what it says, then tap OK to continue.
Step 7. The Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot screen will show up next. This where you will see/modify your smartphone's wireless settings including Router name (SSID), Security type and Password information, which may be necessary for you to connect to a wireless network. Be sure to uncheck the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot box in this screen yet.
Step 8. In order to manage the number of allowed connections, tap Manage users option to modify number of allowed users.
Step 9. In the next screen, you will the number of users allowed to use your connection. You can also set the number connections by tapping on Max connections, and set the desired maximum number of allowed users to your network.
Step 10. Tap Done.
Step 11. To turn the hotspot ON, just tap to check Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option under Settings.
NOTE: When the mobile hotspot feature is enabled or turned on, the Wi-Fi radio will be disabled or turned off.
After tapping on Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, you should now be seeing the ready status below it and a check on the box aside. These indicate that you've already set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your HTC One smartphone and is now ready to use.

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