Samsung Galaxy S3 Automatically Deletes Emails After Reading [How To Fix]


This post will answer one of our readers’ questions. I think it is also a common problem for people using corporate emails. Here is the actual email from our reader:

To Whom It May Concern:

My boss just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 it is deleting emails after he views them. He has went to the T-mobile store they gave him a new phone it is still doing it. We have called the 1-800 number several times. Is there an easy fix that maybe we are over-looking? I have tried to find the option to Keep emails on server I can not find this option even after following the online forums and solutions… his email is set up through IMAP? It is a 1&1 email account.


Name withheld for privacy.

The problem is not with the Galaxy S3, it's with the computer. To solve this problem, you have to edit the settings of the email client you're using. In this case, we'll take Microsoft Outlook 2010 as the example.

1.       Launch the Microsoft Outlook 2010.
2.       Click File menu at the upper-left corner.
3.       Click Account Settings.
4.       Choose the email account you have setup on your Galaxy S3 and click Change.
5.       Click on More Settings button; a new window will pop-up.
6.       Click on Advanced tab.
7.       Under Delivery section, check 'Leave a copy of messages on the server'.
8.       Click OK.

This will solve the problem.

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