AT&T Galaxy S4 can't send / receive MMS, how to fix this problem?

There were several Samsung Galaxy S4 owners under AT&T network complaining about not being able to send and/or receive MMS. We have received at least 15 email messages related to this problem and luckily we were immediately able to identify the trend. The new owners specified that they had iPhone 5 prior to making a decision to get Samsung's flagship phone. With facts in hand, we were able to replicate the problem and the following are our recommendations:

Make Sure Mobile Data Is On

MMS uses data so this is the best place to start your troubleshooting if you can't receive MMS on your Galaxy S4.

1.       Go to Settings.
2.       Tap Connections.
3.       Tap More Networks.
4.       Choose Mobile Networks.
5.       Check Mobile Data option.

If you've already enabled mobile data on your device and are sure it's not the issue, move to the next procedure and see if it helps fix the problem.

Disassociate Phone Number From iMessage

If you had iPhone before trying out Android, odds are you've added your phone number to your Apple account. You need to remove it to cut association of the number with iMessage.

1.       Go to Apple website.
2.       Login to your Apple account.
3.       Look for your devices and have the phone number you're using with your Galaxy S4 removed.
4.       You must be able to send and receive MMS message after doing this. Otherwise, contact AT&T and reps could help you fix it.

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Omg! I think you solved my problem! Im still holding my breath but i turned the whole iphone imessage off and it now takes 11 seconds to send an mms message! I have spent 6 hours trying to figure out my new s4 and was just about to say that its a return! Thank you!


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