How To Fix Galaxy S4 Mobile Data Connectivity Problems

This post seeks to provide solutions and workarounds for problems related to Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile data connectivity. You will know you have this problem if you can't: 

·         Connect to the internet
·         Send and receive multimedia messages
·         Browse websites
·         Send and receive email messages
·         Load internet-dependent contents with apps 

NOTE: The following procedures serve as recommendations only. They may identify underlying causes and resolve the problems but we can't guarantee they'll work all the time. 

Soft Reset Your Phone 

A soft reset would include reboot. It would help bring the devices default settings back after the reset. There are many issues that could be resolved by doing this very simple procedure including mobile data connectivity problems. Here's how to do a soft reset on Galaxy S4.

1.    Press and hold the Power button.
2.    Tap Power Off, then OK.
3.    Remove the battery for a minute, then reinsert it.
4.    Press and hold the Power button again to turn the phone on.
5.    Now test to see if the mobile data connection is working.

Possible Outage

One way to know if it is a network issue is to ask someone who is also under the same carrier. If there are other users experiencing the same problem, you should call your provider's technical support for some help. Otherwise, find an authorized service center and have an appointment with a technician so the phone would be checked physically.


While the problem is on-going, connect to a Wi-Fi network to gain internet access.

Email Us Your Problem

You may be experiencing other problems with your Galaxy S4, email us at and tell us about them. We may be able to help.

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