Samsung Galaxy S3 Error Retrieving Information from Server Play Store Problem

"Error retrieving information from server.  [ RPC: S-5:AEC-0]."

This error occurs when you download or update an app from the Play Store. While it is a relatively common problem, there have been many Galaxy S3 owners complaining about it. Basically, it is a Play Store problem and the good news is, Google already acknowledged it. So, we could expect a permanent solution to the problem anytime soon. In the meantime, while waiting for that "permanent solution" here are the things you could do to remedy or work around the problem.

Clear Google Play Store App Cache

1.    From the Home screen, tap the Menu button.
2.    Touch Settings.
3.    Choose Applications Manager.
4.    Swipe left twice to choose All tab.
5.    Touch Play Store.
6.    Tap Clear Cache button.

You don't have to re-setup your Google Account to be able to download and install apps from the Play Store again when you do this. Tapping the Clear Data button, however, will delete your personal settings so beware.

Uninstall Google Play Store App Updates

If this problem occurred after an update, then it's best you uninstall them right away. Here's how...

1.    Tap the Menu key from the home screen.
2.    Choose Settings.
3.    Tap Applications Manager.
4.    Swipe to choose All tab.
5.    Select Play Store.
6.    Tap Uninstall Updates button.

Doing this will roll back the Play Store to its previous version, the one that may have been working well.

Clear Download Manager Cache and Data

The problem occurs during app downloads or updates so one of the services you need to look into is Android's stock download manager. Clearing its cache and data may solve the problem.

1.    From the Home screen, tap Menu.
2.    Choose Settings.
3.    Tap Applications Manager.
4.    Swipe to choose All tab.
5.    Choose Download Manager.
6.    Tap Clear Cache button.
7.    Tap Clear Data button.

Clear Google Services Framework Cache and Data

After doing the procedures above and you're still getting the same negative result, it's time you dig a little deeper into Google's services framework. Doing the following procedure will not result to loss of any data in your phone, it would simply refresh some core services. Here's how you do it…

1.    From the Settings menu, choose Applications Manager.
2.    Swipe left to choose All tab.
3.    Find Google Services Framework and tap on it.
4.    Touch both Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.
5.    Reboot your phone.

I hope this helps.

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