AT&T Galaxy S4 Unable To Download Email Attachments

Email problems are among the most common issues users can encounter while using their new Samsung Galaxy S4. One of our readers, however, asked us about a specific email issue with his SGS4 that he bought from AT&T.

Hey Team,

During my Galaxy S3 times, I never had problems like the ones I experienced with the Galaxy S4 (AT&T). Just a little backgrounder, the company that I am associated with runs a PR firm so every day I get about 30 emails a day containing press releases.

I often use my phone to review those PRs but my new Galaxy S4 just cannot download email attachments. So, I ended up having to use two phones; my S3 and S4. But I prefer having to use only one to do this very simple job. Can you help me with this, please. Thanks.

Possible Causes

·         Account is not active or set up correctly.
·         Network outage is affecting your area.
·         Inconsistent network connection.
·         Attachment is not supported on device.
·         Attachment is too large, or corrupt.
·         Device software is not up to date.


1.    Please verify your account is in good standing with your carrier and you have the correct data plan.
2.    Verify you are receiving adequate signal (a minimum of two or three bars of signal).
3.    If the issue occurs only when you are in a specific location, please check with your service provider for coverage in the area where you are experiencing connectivity issues.
4.    Verify the device has no physical or liquid damage (for example, has not been damaged by dropping or exposure to moisture).
5.    Check for any available software updates for your device at Samsung Support.

By default, the email application will not download attachments automatically. You will have to manually download attachments or modify the settings.

1.    To manually download an attachment:
2.    Touch Apps > Email.
3.    Open the email containing the attachment.
4.    Touch Attachments.
5.    Touch Save next to the attachment, or touch Save all to download all attachments in the email.
6.    To re-establish a connection with the mobile network, with the device still on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, replace the battery and power on the device. Wait a few seconds for the device to connect to the network.

The attachment will be saved in My Files > All files/sdcard0 >Download.

When attempting to view an attachment, if you receive an "Unable to display attachment" message, the file type is unsupported by the device. A third-party application will be required to open or view the file.

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