Fixing Samsung Galaxy S3 with Blank Screen (Black Screen of Death), Dead Pixel

The name 'Black Screen of Death' seems a very scary problem Galaxy S3 owners could encounter but to simplify things a little bit it simply is a blank screen; the backlight comes on but owners can't see a thing displayed. We tried replicating the problem but to no avail. So, we contacted a Samsung representative and asked about the problem. He said that the black screen of death could happen if:
  • The device's battery is drained or the device does not have an adequate charge to power on.
  • A third-party application has caused the device not to respond.
  • The device has experienced some type of physical or liquid damage.
To troubleshoot such problem, owners have to do the following:
  1. Connect the charger to the device and allow the device to charge for a few minutes.
  2. Power on the device by pressing and holding the power button.
However, if the blank screen occurs after opening a specific app or game, pressing the Home button could minimize the app and brings the owner to the Home screen. In case it doesn't work and the phone won't respond or frozen, taking the battery out for 30 seconds, then turning on the phone after that has a high probability of solving the problem. The owner, of course, is advised to uninstall the problem that's causing the blank screen.

Other owners also reported to have experienced a screen problem that they referred to as "dead pixel."  According to a Samsung rep we contacted, more often the pixel may just be stuck and not dead. It may be caused by a third-party application or a damage caused physically or by water.

Soft-resetting the phone could solve this problem. Likewise, uninstalling the app that's causing the problem is recommended. 

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