Samsung Galaxy S4 Has No Signal / No Service [How To Fix]

One of the most common problems Samsung Galaxy S4 owners experienced is poor signal / service reception. In fact, we have received a lot of emails related to this problem. The thing is, it's widespread and does not just occur to a specific carrier. I will include the email messages we received from owners who bought their phones from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and U.S. Cellular.

AT&T Customer: Team, I have a little problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4, which I bought from AT&T just recently. Starting last week, the signal reception was on and off in my phone and it happens several times a day; just enough to annoy me especially when I badly need to call someone. Can you help me with this issue, please. Thanks.

Sprint Customer: I have a Sprint Galaxy S4. Yesterday I had to spend two hours on the phone with a tech support because I was no getting any signal on my phone. It wasn't a network problem since my wife had service in her phone (also from Sprint). The tech support wasn't able to help me with my problem. In the evening, I regained my service and today it's out again. Is this a common issue with this phone?

T-Mobile Customer: No service for three days now. Tried contacting support but they were useless, some don't even know the status of their network. Help me with my problem. Thanks.

Verizon Customer: I hope the problem I'm experiencing right now is not that common because if it is, I will return the phone and have it replaced with a new brand. I don't have signal for the entire day now, I can't make a call! Do you have suggestions how to fix it?

U.S. Cellular Customer: Just talked with a support tech from T-Mobile. I called regarding my phone, Galaxy S4, because since yesterday I have no service. The reboot fixed the problem temporarily but now I don't have service again. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Possible Causes

·         Account is not active or is not set up correctly.
·         Airplane mode is active.
·         Incorrect SIM is card being used.
·         Physical or liquid damage is present on the device.
·         Switched from one carrier to another.
·         Network outage is affecting your area.
·         Inconsistent network connection.
·         Third-party application is causing an issue.
·         Device software is not up to date.

Before You Begin

Please verify your account is in good standing.
If you never received signal/service on your device, please contact your Service Provider to verify your account is provisioned correctly.
If the issue is restricted to a certain location, please check with your Service Provider for coverage in the area where you are experiencing signal loss.
Verify the device has no physical or liquid damage, for example, the device was dropped or got wet.
If your device uses a SIM card, ensure the card is installed correctly and is not damaged. Also verify you are using the correct SIM card from your service provider.


Verify Airplane mode is not active on the device by pressing and holding the Power button for one or two seconds. If Airplane mode is not active, you will see Airplane mode is OFF. Otherwise, touch Airplane mode to disable this feature.

If issue persists, continue below.

To re-establish a connection with the mobile network: With the device still on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, replace the battery and power on the device. Wait a few seconds for the device to connect to the network.
Place a test call to your Voicemail. 

Send Us Your Questions / Problems

We have an email that we used to receive questions, problems or suggestions from our readers. If you think you have some problems with your phone that you cannot resolve on your own, or you don't know how to fix them, send us an email at and we will do our best to find solutions for you.


Hi please help I used an rf antenna in the car yesterday and now my s4 wont pick up any singnal from its own antenna now have I shorted somthing how ca I tell and where is the network antenna? Ps my wifi signal is full no problemswith wifi just 02 and 3 wont pick ip any signals now and they were fine yesterday b4 this RF antenna


Sounds like have damaged your internal aerial and now it is stuck on external aerial you are going to need physical repairs same thing happened to my galaxy note 2.


s4 mini hopeless reception in a rural area. iphones next too me have full reception and I have almost none on the same carrier. Dont buy one!


Don't buy Samsung. they. Can't fix their own phones.


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