Verizon Galaxy S4 Switches Between WiFi and Mobile Data

At least 13 of our readers, most of them are Verizon customers, asked us why they have to pay for mobile data when they use WiFi to connect to the internet or check their emails every time. Also stated in their email messages was the underlying problem: their phone randomly switches from WiFi to data then back to WiFi.

One of our readers said he's been charged for data usage during the times when he was at home where WiFi connectivity exists. In a month, his data usage reaches up to 0.3GB, which is of course surprising for someone who never used it.

Solution to the Problem

For weeks now, this problem has been making rounds online. Good thing for those who contacted Verizon over the problem, they were already provided a solution. But for those who might be wondering why this happens, here is a short explanation.

Verizon has pre-installed an app called Caller Name ID which requires the Galaxy S4 to connect to the network without the knowledge of the user. To solve the problem, the application has to be disabled.

1.       From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
2.       Tap Settings, then switch to More tab.
3.       Tap Application Manager, switch to All tab.
4.       Scroll to and tap Caller Name ID.
5.       Now tap on Disable.

If the problem still persists after doing this, disable another VZ app called Backup Assistant.

We also advise you to call VZ's hotline to report it. Not only will you be instructed to do the above procedure, you will be given a credit.


I use the app "3G WiFi Connect Mode" (free in Play store). It is a 1x1 widget that allows you to toggle between Wifi and cell service and locks it there until you toggle it again.


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