How To Get Rid Of Crossed Out 'i' Symbol On AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747)

The crossed out "i" on the status bar means you won't receive notifications.

We recently received emails from Samsung Galaxy S3 owners asking how to get rid of the crossed out "i" that could be found on the status bar. While the issue is simple and easy to fix, only a few actually know what the symbol means. In this post, let me first explain briefly the meaning of the symbol and why it comes out.

The crossed out "i" symbol is basically the information icon which pops up only when notifications were turned off on your device. It comes out to simply remind you that you won't be notified when new emails arrive, new statuses on Facebook and tweets from Twitter were posted, etc. To get rid of the icon, do the following:

1. Pull the notifications panel down.
2. Slide to the right the bar that has WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
3. Touch the Notifications Icon to toggle the minus icon.
4. The crossed out "I" icon should be gone by now.

There were also a lot of reports from other users suggesting a simple reboot could get rid of the icon. We did try that but it didn't work on our end so we stick to the procedure above.

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