How To Use Straight Talk Services On Samsung Galaxy S3


I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I want to use Straight Talk's services because they are cheaper and they offer the cheapest (I think) international calling in the U.S. I know someone who has an S3 and uses their services. So, can you guys enlighten me on what to do to use Straight Talk services on my Galaxy S3?

Yeah, Straight Talk offers good services for both local and international calls. So, here are the things you need to do use their services:

  1. Purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3 (GSM).
  2. Go to Walmart and purchase Straight Talk BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) SIM card and service card (60-dollar plan) for activation.
  3. Once you got these (phone, SIM, service card), call their customer service hotline 1-877-430-2355.
  4. Provide your phone's Serial Number, SIM card number and service card PIN. More likely, you will be transferred to their BYOP department.
  5. The activation could take just about a few minutes to an hour and you could enjoy your phone with Straight Talk service.

I hope we have answered your question.

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