My Samsung Galaxy S4 Stopped Receiving Calls [How To Fix]

We've recently received some emails from our readers (mostly in the United States) saying their Samsung Galaxy S4 is not receiving calls at all. Some were related to the recent update released by their respective service providers while others don't exactly know what happened to their device.

Here is one email that explains the problem well:

All of the sudden my Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot receive calls and sometimes I can't make outbound call as well but I'm more concerned with not being able to receive calls. I think this problem happened around 4 days ago because I often receive at least 6 or 7 calls a day. My boss actually thinks I'm dodging calls and some of my friends have already been complaining they can't call my number when they used to do that during weekends. I don't know what the problem really is and I hope you can help me with it. It could be the settings or it could be the phone… I don't know. Please help. Thanks.

There are a lot of reasons why you can't receive calls on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and we will have to take every single possibility into consideration. 

Problems and Solutions 

#1. Make sure you are connected to the network. This is the most basic troubleshooting step you can do to remedy your problem. Verify that your phone is getting good signal or coverage from your carrier. If you're seeing 0 signal bars on your phone, it means it's not getting the most basic service to make/receive calls; service. Here's what you need to do when this happens:

  1. While the Samsung Galaxy S IV is currently on, pop the back panel up and remove the battery.
  2. Leave the phone without battery for about a minute.
  3. Place the battery back to its compartment.
  4. Boot the phone normally. It should search for available networks automatically. Once detected, it will connect to the network.
  5. If it displays signal bars, it means you already have service. Make a call to verify it.
  6. If it's getting signal bars, contact your service provider. Maybe there are outages in your area you don't know about.

#2. Make sure Airplane Mode is turned off. This mode prevents your phone from sending and receiving wireless communication that is why it is almost impossible to receive calls when it's enabled. Disable it and try to see if you can receive calls after that. Here's how you disable it:

  1. From the Home screen, press and hold the Power button.
  1. Tap the Airplane Mode, then tap OK.
  1. The Airplane Mode is now disabled / enabled.

#3. Verify Call Divert is turned off. When this function is turned on and the option 'Always Forward' was set, all voice calls will be forwarded indiscriminately. Thus, you need to make sure this is disabled before you go further into finding the reason as to why you can't receive calls on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Here's how you find this function:

  1. Tap the Phone icon, then tap the Menu key.
  1. Choose Call Settings then Additional Settings. Wait until current settings are displayed.
  1. Tap Call Forwarding then Voice Call.
  2. Tap each of the following options 'Always Forward', 'Forward when busy', 'Forward when unanswered', and 'Forward when unreachable'.
  3. Tap Disable.
  1. Repeat until all diverts are turned off.

#4. Turn off LTE. While 4G LTE is the fastest way for data to travel in the mobile world, it still is in its early stage and it caters data only for now. If you had this enabled and you started not getting calls when you usually did, then you need to turn it off. Here's how:  

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  1. Choose Settings.
  1. Tap Connections tab, then More networks.
  1. Tap Mobile networks, then Network mode.
  2. Choose GSM/WCDMA from the options.

#5. Perform a factory reset. This is going to be your last resort in case the first three steps fail. But before you do this, make sure you have backed up all your important data. If you were able to make and receive calls before but all of the sudden you can't, there could be some settings that were messed up. Since you cannot pinpoint it, you will need to address it in a general way and this is the best way to do it.

  1. Turn your Galaxy S4 off completely.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  3. Release the Power button when the phone vibrates but continue pressing the other two.
  4. When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  1. Using the Volume Down button, highlight the option 'wipe data / factory reset'.
  1. Press the Power button to select it.
  2. Using the same key, highlight the option 'delete all user data' and press the Power key to confirm.
  1. Once the reset is done, choose the option 'Reboot system now'.
  1. The phone will boot up longer than usual. 

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