Newest Top-Level Domain Names that First Go Live in 2014


The Internet is apparently evolving so fast as manifested by the rapidly increasing number of web domain names or suffixes that go right after the dot in a domain name address. It originally started at six domains. Years pass by and the initial number has likewise augmented to more than a thousand. As the New Year instigates, approximately seven hundreds of new generic top-level web domains are set to go live in the Internet.


On Wednesday, 29th of January 2014, the largest registry for new gTLDs, Donuts had introduced the newest seven domain names that went live on the same date including: .clothing, .holdings, .bike, .singles, .ventures, .guru and .plumbing. Moreover, on the 5th of February, the registry which applied for over 300 gTLDs is planning to release seven more new domain names including .equipment, .graphics, .photography, .,camera, .estate, .lighting, and .gallery.

The new gTLDs are now available for anyone from the business sector including entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations. So anyone interested to run a business website using any of the newest top level domain names that recently went live may now register.

Prior to the expansion, there were only 22 top-level domains that exist. Emerging among the most popular and most used domains are .net, .biz and .com.

Experts are optimistic about a persistent expansion of domains as they perceived hundreds of more to come in play by the end of the year 2014.

Domain name expansion is being taken care of by the international organization, Icann that reportedly has 1,930 in the pipeline.

According to the president of Icann, Akram Atallah:

"There are now almost five times more generic top-level domains than there were only a few months ago and that translates to greater consumer choice. We are as eager as everyone else to see what type of innovation these new domains will usher into the online world."

The addition of new generic top-level domain names is expected to yield more innovations and boost marketing on the Internet. Nevertheless, consumers would have to be informed of their presence to help business drive more traffic to their newly-suffixed website.

If all goes as originally planned, there will be more hundreds of new domains names that will roll out all year, which would exemplify the largest domain name expansion, thus far.

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