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This post will answer, at least, 10 common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). We understand this phone is already dated but there are still millions of owners in the world that need support. That is why, we dedicate at least one post every week to answer questions or problems encountered by owners of this phone.

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Problem 1: I have a relatively old phone from Sprint, a Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, and it was acting up lately. Sometimes it refuses to turn on or respond to any commands. I was thinking it was just a software issue so I did a factory reset. It kinda solved the problem a bit but lately the phone seems to have gotten into a rather serious problem. So, I popped open the back panel and found out the battery swells that it's about to explode or something. What do I do? (Johnny)
Answer: It's basically an accessory issue and we can't do anything about that. I suggest you call Sprint and try to ask for replacement battery, if they won't give you one then you need to buy a new battery for your phone. Please do not use the swollen battery as it may explode especially when it's overcharged. Yes, batteries explode and I experienced that myself so don't kid around swollen batteries, it may cause serious injuries.
Problem 2: My Samsung Galaxy S2's alarm won't go off, I mean it would sound off like just half a second then turns itself off. So, basically, the alarm clock function does not work. I tried adding and re-adding alarms but it's the same. Is there a fix to this problem? (Matt)
Answer: I hope you're using the stock firmware and clock app. This problem is seems very common to Galaxy S2 owners whether the firmware is Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. But basically, it may seem like a glitch on the stock clock because clearing the Clock app's cache and data would solve the problem. However, there is a possibility the same problem would haunt you again in the future. Well, that's based on testimonies of people who have encountered the problem. So, again, clear the clock's cache and data. If that wouldn't help, hard reset your phone.
Problem 3: This past couple of days I'm getting an error message saying my phone has an insufficient storage space but when I plugged it in my computer, I can see I still got a couple of gigabytes left. I was thinking this was just a system glitch and could let it pass but when I tried downloading apps from the Play Store, I can't because there's no enough space. Tell me how to fix this. (Geo)
Answer: Well, do a little house cleaning. Delete some files especially videos and photos from your phone. Clear cache and data of apps you often use, although it may mean losing some data, especially games. Your phone is basically telling you what the real problem is and address the problem as such. If these things wouldn't work, I'm pretty sure a factory reset would do the job.
Problem 4: My Galaxy S2 started to act weird lately. Just today, it shut itself down for no apparent reason. When I pressed the power button, it powered on up until the 4G logo then turned itself off again. I'm no tech savvy so I need your educated guess on this one. Thanks. (Mia)
Answer: It's the battery. Plug the charger and let your phone be charged for even 10 minutes and turn it back on, it would. Now, here's the thing, it seems like battery problems are common to this phone so the solution I just gave you may not solve the problem ultimately. One thing to know if the battery has a serious problem is when the same problem keeps happening multiple times a day. The phone may not shut down when you turn it on while being charged simple because there is a stable power from the charger. But try unplugging it and it may just start acting up again. The solution, buy a new battery.
Problem 5: Please help me with my problem. I can't read my emails because the Gmail app keeps crashing. More often it would close itself automatically and there are times when an error message would show up talking about a process that stopped working. What should I do? (Jenny)
Answer: Well, the first thing you should do is to address the problem as such. Since you were talking about the Gmail app, then set your focus on that first. Go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Gmail. Tap both the Clear Cache and Clear Data button. That would usually solve this kind of problem. If not, then uninstall Gmail and reinstall it. The workaround if this problem keeps happening, use other email clients.
Problem 6: So I just updated my phone to the latest firmware which was rolled out by my carrier last week. But just after everything was done, I can't use my phone because it keeps on rebooting itself and I don't even touch anything on it. By the way, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 which I am planning to upgrade to the newest Galaxy phone. But if there is a way to fix this problem, I would surely do it as I'm planning to give this phone to someone. (Grant)
Answer: Updates rolled out by carriers are among the most stable updates but let's admit it, technology messes oftentimes and this is just one of those moments I think. Since you said it so clearly that the boot loop problem happened right after you updated your phone, then I think it has something to do with corrupt data. Try clearing the cache partition via the recovery mode first. It would delete all data used by apps to run. If that doesn't work, do a factory reset to bring the phone to default settings with the new firmware installed.
Problem 7: When someone leaves a message, I receive a text message that a certain number left a voice mail and that I should call a number to listen to it. When I do, I don't get no message at all. Can you help me with this please? (Geordana)
Answer: This problem seems familiar to me since I've encountered it about a year ago. I believe you are using Go SMS app and have selected the option to let it handle all incoming messages, which includes Voice SMS Messages or simply Voicemail. So, my advice is, change the settings or simply get rid of the app. If the problem persists after doing so, try to go to the stock messaging app settings and turn notifications off.
Problem 8: When I download an app from the Play Store, I'm getting and error "Error retrieving information from server: [rpc:s - 3]" Have any of you guys encountered a problem like this before? How did you solve it? Thanks. (Roger)
Answer: I sure did. What I did was remove my Google account, reboot the phone, set the same account up, launch Play Store and I was able to download apps again. But then, it happened for the second time and the first solution didn't work. So, I uninstalled Play Store updates and solved the problem. Try the first one, if it doesn't work for you, try the second one.
Problem 9: So, I just received a phone given to me by my daughter. It's not brand new but a used one. She gave it to me so I can communicate with my grand child constantly. By the way, it's a Galaxy S2 and it's a good phone, actually better than the flip phone I had. But I cannot use it, it keeps on saying "Searching for service." I cannot make a call and I am sure can't receive one either. Please help me, I am an old woman and I am starting to hate smart phones. (Gina)
Answer: I am almost certain that the phone is in Airplane Mode, try turning it off first and see if the problem is solved. If the problem persists, check if mobile data was enabled; if it wasn't, enable it. Well, that's pretty much it. I hope this helps. I believe the only time Galaxy S2 says "Search for service" is when you can't see reception bars on the notification bar, which means Airplane Mode is enabled or mobile data is disabled.
Problem 10: I updated my phone to the latest Jelly Bean update yesterday but my phone turned into a very talkative smartphone. How can I disable this speech feature? Help me, my phone is very annoying when it speaks of everything I do when browsing. (Jennifer)
Answer: Try a reboot first and see if that solves the problem. Then go to Accessibility and turn Talkback off. If that is already off, try to see if Driving Mode is off as well. If it is already off, toggle the switch to On than back Off. See if that works. If not, a factory reset may do the job.

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