Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Flash Not Working/Camera won't flash

An email sender relays an issue on his new Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile, particularly the device's camera flash that will not turn on when he attempts to take a video or capture photo. 

Problem on the GS5 camera flash that won't work when trying to capture video or photo could be due to the following grounds:

- Camera Flash is currently turned OFF.
- Flash is disabled due to an enabled filter.
- Third-party camera app is in use.
- Low battery.
- Physical or liquid damage on the phone
- Device software requires update

Primary Suggestions

Before you start to troubleshoot, be sure to do complete the following procedures:

1. Check for enabled filters and disable them (if there's any).
2. Ensure your device battery is properly charged.
3. Verify and ensure no physical or liquid damage on your device. Please keep the camera lens clean and make sure there are no smudges, scratches or cracks.
4. If you think your device software is not yet updated, check for any available updates for your device. Visit Samsung's official website to see the latest software update(s) for your GS5 model.

Main Problem Solution

1. Gently clean both the camera lens and flash with a soft cloth. Be sure to have the cloth slightly stifled in mild soap and water.

Important Note:
When cleaning your GS5 camera lens and flash, NEVER use cleaning solvents, harsh chemicals, or strong detergents as these may also cause damage to your device.

2. Once cleaned up, turn on the camera flash. Here's how:
- Go to the Home screen and touch Apps
- Touch to select Camera to continue
- Touch Settings
- Touch Flash

3. Configure your device's camera Mode and be sure to set it to Auto. Here's how:
- Touch Apps from the Home screen
- Touch Camera
- Touch Mode to continue
- Touch to select Auto

4. Try to take a photo or video and see if it works. Here's how:
- Touch Apps from the Home screen
- Touch Camera
- Aim your device at the subject
- Touch the screen to focus on a certain spot
- Wait until the focal point turns green
- Touch the camera shutter button to capture current view

If the flash still won't function try to Clear App Data next.

Several cases of mobile camera problems including a flash that is not working have been resolved by clearing the application data.

While clearing the app data resets the application to default factory settings, all videos and photos you store or save on your device won't be deleted in the process.

Steps to Clear Data Application on Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen
2. Touch Settings to continue
3. Touch to select More option
4. Touch to select Application Manager
5. Swipe to the right. Doing so will let you view all applications
6. Scroll down, then locate and touch Camera
7. Touch Force Stop
8. Select OK to close the application
9. Under Storage option, locate and touch Clear Data
10. To confirm deletion of app data, simply touch OK.
11. Attempt to capture/take a video or photo (refer to the aforesaid steps to capture a video/photo)

If problem still exists after completing the above-mentioned procedure, then you may have to consider doing a factory data reset.

Important Note:

While doing a factory data reset resolves a lot of device issues, doing so means losing all your personalized/customized information from your device. This means, all files you saved will be deleted. If you insist to resort to factory data reset, be sure to back up all your important files to recover them after the process.


OK, I had the same problem and couldn't find an answer anywhere. I figured it out my self. I knew it probably had to do with the different configuration of the Active. So here you go:

Click on the small compass / flashlight button. Click on flashlight. Go to the bottom and you will find the brightness turned all the way down. Bring this up to max. Back out and presto! Hope this helps a lot of people.


Where do you find small compas/flashlight plz?


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