Samsung Galaxy S5 No Signal/No Service Problem [How to Fix]

There have been certain complaints coming from some owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S5, saying that their device is not receiving any signal or service. 

In an effort to offer solutions/workarounds for this problem, we did some diggings from pertinent forum contents and luckily ended up with the following sensible findings.

What possibly causes the problem?

Possible causes of the Galaxy S5 not receiving signal or service would include the following:

1. Carrier switching
2. Inactive account
3. Incorrect account set-up
4. Liquid or physical damage
5. Airplane mode activated
6. Inconsistent or intermittent network connection
7. Use of incorrect SIM

In some cases, No Signal or No Service problem is likely due to network outage in the area. Outdated device software can also trigger the same problem to occur in a device.


Considering the aforesaid possible causes, the problem on No signal or service will likely be resolved by doing any of the following workarounds:

1. Make sure the problem is not due to a delinquent account status. Please verify your account status and make sure it is in good standing before you instigate troubleshooting.
2. Please contact your service provider if you still have not received signal or service since the day you got your device.
3. If the problem only occurs in certain area, be sure to verify with your service provider if the area you are having signal or service loss is in their coverage. Contact your service provider and verify the coverage area for your service.
4. Some cases of signal loss is tied to a physical or liquid damage existing in the unit. Try to remember any instance when your smartphone was dropped or got wet. If so, then it is very likely that it is the main culprit.
5. Check your device if it uses a SIM card. If so, then be sure the card is properly installed and is not damaged. Also verify if the SIM card you are using is the one from your service provider.
6. You may also check out Samsung online for any available software updates for the Galaxy S5.

How to Verify Airplane Mode is Not Active

1. Press and hold the Power button on your device for up to two seconds.

HINT: You will know when the Airplane mode is inactive once you see this caption: "Airplane mode is OFF." If you do not see this, then touch Airplane mode to make it not active or disabled.

If problem persists, try these:

1. Re-establish network connectivity with the mobile network. Here's how:

  • * Remove the battery for 30 seconds with the device remained ON.
  • * After 30 seconds, replace the battery.
  • * Power on the device.
  • * Wait until the device re-establishes connection with the network.

2. Make a test call and send it to your VoiceMail. If it goes through, then that means your device has already established connection with the mobile network.

Alternative Quick Solutions to Network Connectivity Issues

1. Restart the device and check network.
2. Remove and re-insert SIM card.
3. Try and check with any other SIM card to isolate the problem and determine if the problem is with your service provider or the phone.
4. Check your phone's network mode through Settings.

If the issue remains, try to uninstall any third-party application you have downloaded and installed to your mobile. There are some apps that tend to disrupt network connections between the device and mobile network.

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