Fix for SMS/MMS failures on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5

A new software update is recently rolled out for T-Mobile versions of the Galaxy S5, in respond to the number of complaints raised by S5 owners, via forum posts regarding intermittently incoming SMS/MMS failure or MMS not being downloading or sent on the device.

The latest software update for the T-Mobile GS5 is new in build G900TUVU1ANE5, obtainable over the air or through the Samsung KIES desktop program over Wi-Fi only. It is primarily aimed at fixing intermittent failures for both text and MMS messages.

Anyone who opts to update their device software to G900TUVU1ANE5 build is advised to check the current software version beforehand. Here's how to check on the current software version on the Galaxy S5:
  1. Tap Settings from the Home screen
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Tap About device.
  4. Read the Baseband version on the phone and verify it is eligible for the new software update:

Software Version: G900TUVU1ANE5
Your software is up to date. There are no updates available.
This document will be updated if and when new software is available.

Software Version: G900TUVU1ANCH/G900TUVU1ANCD
Your phone can update to software version G900TUVU1ANE5:
Review the Requirements to update
Between May 22 and June 10, you may be prompted to update automatically (OTA).
To update now, see how to download the update below.
If the update fails, contact Customer care.

Other versions 
Your phone has non-T-Mobile software, and it is unsupported. The manufacturer and T-Mobile cannot update your software.

If your device is eligible for the new build, check the following before you start the software update process on your phone
  • ·         At least 50 % of battery life
  • ·         Data connection is available
  • ·         135 MB memory is available (This is a must considering the file size of the new software update is 131.31 MB)
If all the above-specified requirements are met, then you may now begin the process. Follow these steps to get through the entire process:

Step 1. Download and install the new software update for GS5 T-Mobile version. It is available for download from phone or from a computer. Here are the links:
From Phone URL is:
From Computer URL is:

Steps to update software from the Phone
1.       Tap Settings
2.       Select the General tab
3.       Tap About device to continue
4.       Tap Software update
5.       Tap OK
6.       Tap Start. You will be prompted with a message to restart the device.
7.       Tap OK to initiate Phone restart.

Steps to update software from the Computer using KIES

If you choose to download and install software updates through a computer, then you need to install Samsung KIES first.

The latest version of Kies is available for download through this Be sure to select the Kies version that is compatible with your computer.

Steps to Install Samsung KIES on your computer:

1.       Double click on the Kies file. Doing so will let the program to self-extract, so just wait until the extraction of file is done.
2.       Select your preferred Language and Location and the click on the Next button to continue.
3.       You will be prompted with the License Agreement window. Read on the content and then check the box for "I accept..."
4.       Click on the Next button. This will begin KIES installation on your PC.
5.       Click on Finish button when the Kies installation is complete.

Proceed with Software Update on your T-Mobile Galaxy S5. Here are the steps:

1.       Tap on Settings from the Home screen.
2.       Tap on the General Tab.
3.       If available, tap on Developer options. Otherwise proceed to step 8.
4.       Tap OK.
5.       Tap USB Debugging option to continue.
6.       Tap the Home button to exit from the settings menu.
7.       Get a USB data cable and insert it into the phone, and the other end into an available port on the computer.
8.       You will see a phone prompt. Choose the option Media Device (MTP). Doing so will let the computer detect several attached devices and then initiate the installation process. It may take a few minutes to complete so just wait until the entire process is done.
9.       Once installation is all done, unplug the data cable from both devices.

To update the Samsung Galaxy S5 software, simply open the Samsung KIES application and let the app recognize the device and show the available update notification. On-screen prompts will then show. Just follow these prompts to complete the upgrade.

For any questions about the update process through Samsung KIES, you may contact Samsung Support for further assistance.

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