Samsung Galaxy S5 Notification Lights (LED indicators): Colors and Meaning

There are many different functions and new features embedded into the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, including the various phone Notifications.

Aside from the notification icons that prompt on the phone's notification area, other notifications are shown through different LED indicators on the phone.

There are three LED indicators on the GS5. Each of these indicators has its corresponding meanings and/or descriptions, hinting users about something present or transpiring on the device.

Elaborated on this page are the 3 different Notification Lights (LED indicators) on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the meanings associated with each color:

1. BLUE light Indicator - A LED indicator showing color BLUE typically shows when the following actions are transpiring:

* Voice Recording (blinking blue LED indicator)
* A missed Call (blinking blue LED indicator)
* Text messages is received
* Other notification
* Multi-tone blue pulses while the phone is turning ON or OFF.

2. RED light Indicator - A red LED indicator usually denotes the following phone activities/occurrences are present.

* The device is charging or connected to the charge (glowing red)
* Charging problems or device is connected to a charger but is not charging or something is wrong (blinking red)
* Low battery on the device (blinking red)

3. GREEN light Indicator - A LED indicator showing GREEN light denotes the following activity/occurrence on the phone.

* Battery Full of the device is completely charged (glowing green)

Samsung Galaxy S5 LED indicators typically appear in the top-left corner on the front of the device. The LED indicator notifies users of missed Notifications and when the device already has Low battery. It also prompts users when the device is Charging or Voice recording.

You too, can customize notification events on your Galaxy S5. If you need help on how to do it, then you may refer to this subsequent how-to content:

How to CustomizeNotification on your Samsung Galaxy S5


Like all S5's mine blinks blue for notifications, but my phone is fully charged and sometimes it blinks red for notifications instead of blue???? Anyone know what this means??


how do I find what "other notification" is causing the blinking? I have no new email, no messages, no apps showing in My Apps in Google Play that need an update. The only thing I can think of is some of this unwanted AT&T bloatware is phoning home or demanding an update. I don't want to disable the LED notification for when I actually DO have calls or VM or messages/email.


When I get a message mine flashes green with the screen off. Yet my wife's flashes blue. How can I fix mine? We both have the same phone Galaxy S5


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