Save SnapChat Images and Videos with KeepChat on your Galaxy Note 3 without notifying senders [Learn How]


By using KeepChat with the latest SnapChat version, you'll learn how to save photos and video files with your Galaxy Note 3 device without notifying the sender.

Popular messaging app, Snapchat has just brought its distinctive latest update that makes messaging and video chatting, even more fun. On the other hand, a different yet relevant app called KeepChat allows users to save photo and video files sent to the device with the other person not notified.

Meanwhile, an updated version of an Xposed module that works well with the latest Snapchat version is released by KeepChat's developer, Ramis.

With this module, users of Galaxy Note 3 devices will be able to save images and video files secretly or without letting the other people know of it. Subsequently are the steps on how to get it done.

1. Secure all requirements. Remember that this application is not offered on Google Play, thus permissions need to be rooted first for it to work. There are three things you need to secure for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to function as expected. (The same requirements are asked for other Android devices).

ü  Xposed Framework
ü  Unknown Sources enabled
ü  Root Access

2. After securing all the prerequisites, you may now proceed with installation of KeepChat. Previous KeepChat versions were directly offered via Xposed Framework but the latest version is still in BETA so you’ll need to download KeepChat 3.4.1 Beta version from first from here.

Wait until the download is complete then proceed to step 3.

3. Run or open Snapchat.

4. Open any notification in your main feed window to test the module. Upon opening a photo or video, you'll be prompted with relevant notifications hinting you of certain files being saved. The sender won't have any idea of this process as he/she will see no notifications on their end. This means, they'll never know you have saved their sent photo or video on your Galaxy Note 3  upon receipt. Any
Snapchat stories you view will also be saved on to your device.

Please note that this module does not work in chat window. Therefore, attempting to view photos and videos you want to save via text chatting window is neither recommended nor applicable. Also, when you view from the chat window, a screenshot notification will prompt to the sender of the videos/photos you're viewing.

5. Modify/configure KeepChat Settings. This is where you can set as either to automatically save images/videos or prompt question prior to saving them. You can also modify location destinations where you want certain image/photo to be saved, sorted in big folders or separate user-specific folders.

Hint: Regardless of where you saved the files you received; you can directly find them all from the Gallery application and so from there, you can sneak into any of them, anytime you want.

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