Vodafone Galaxy S5 VoiceMail Problem: Cannot Leave a Voice Message [How to Fix]

This content will walk you through a series of steps to troubleshoot a problem on leaving a voice message on the Galaxy S5. If you happened to encounter such problem, feel free to refer to this guide.

Knowing what has possibly caused the voicemail problem to occur on the phone is important before attempting troubleshoot.

Identifying Possible Causes

If it is not possible to leave a voice message on your S5 handset, there is a possibility that:

1. The voicemail inbox is full, thus preventing you to receive new voice messages.

Considering this is causing such voice mail issue on your phone, you will need to dial 171. You will then be prompted to delete messages on your phone. Simply follow the steps to delete messages.

If this does not solved the problem, try to double check the phone's voicemail settings. It is very likely that the:

2. Voicemail was not properly set up on the phone.

Please note that if you have not properly configured voicemail settings, you cannot receive voice messages on your phone.

Dial 172 and follow the instructions are prompted to completely set up voicemail on your device.

If problem persists after completing the voicemail setup, try to verify and make sure voice calls are not diverted to your voicemail.

Remember that missed calls are only diverted to your voicemail if and only if you have selected the correct divert settings on the device. Double check and change the settings in the phone menu (if necessary).

Configure the settings to divert calls to your voicemail to allow your phone to receive voice messages. Here's how to divert calls to voicemail:

1. Locate Voice Call option. Follow these steps:

1.1. Touch the Phone menu icon.
1.2. Touch Menu to continue.
1.3. Touch Settings.
1.4. Touch Call.
1.5. Touch More Settings.
1.6. Wait until the current settings are displayed, then touch Call Forwarding.
1.7. You will see two options including Voice call and Video call. Touch Voice Call.

2. Select Divert Type: These are the steps:
When the current settings are already shown, touch any of the following options:

  • ·         Always forward
  • ·         Forward when busy
  • ·         Forward when unanswered
  • ·         Forward when unreachable

3. Divert calls to Voicemail
Enter number [prefix] 5 [your phone number], then touch the Enable button to continue.

4. Go back to the Home screen.
·         To get back to the Home screen, just press the Home button at the center-bottom on your device.

After you configure the settings to divert calls to your voicemail, attempt to send a voice to your S5 from a different device (if available) and see if it goes through your voicemail inbox this time.

Good luck!

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