Configure Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Power Saving Mode to Maximize Device Usage

One way to conserve battery power on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is to configure its Power Saving mode settings appropriately. If you need help, here's a quick guide for you to follow:

1.       Press the Home button.

2.       Touch on the Settings icon/menu.

3.       Touch on Power Saving Mode to configure the following options:

a.       Turn On or Enable Power Saving Mode by touching on the ON/OFF switch. It has to be turned on or enabled for you to configure settings.

b.      Enable CPU Power Saving - Enabling this option will disable the maximum performance of the tablet's CPU or Central Processing Unit, thus conserving battery power on the device. To enable this option, simply touch on the check box next to it. Do the same to un-check the box or disable the option.

c.       Screen Power Saving - If you enable this option, both the brightness level and frame refresh on the device are reduced to conserve power. To enable it, just touch to put a check mark on the check box next to the option. Un-check the box if you want to disable this option.

This is just one of the many power saving tips available for you to conserve power or battery on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and maximize device usage.

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