Samsung Galaxy S5 Dropbox Problem: Files Not Displaying/Cannot Open Files

Dropbox is a free service that would allow you to take all your files anywhere for easy access and sharing. Once installed, any file you saved to your Dropbox will be stored to all your computers and/or Android devices automatically.

One of the most common issues relevant to Dropbox Cloud Storage on Samsung Galaxy S5 is when users cannot use or get Dropbox right. Some said their files are not showing on the device while others said they cannot open a file.

Among the possible causes of such Dropbox problem occurring on the Galaxy S5 would include the following:

1. Outdated DropBox application.
2. DropBox freezes up thus needs to be refreshed.
3. No Internet connection available.

Basic Workarounds

To ensure the problem is not due to any of the aforesaid culprits, be sure to:

1. Keep DropBox app up to date.
2. Refresh DropBox.
3. Verify if the device is connected to the Internet.

Once the above-stated methods are done, proceed with the following steps:

1.  Open a browser on the device and attempt to connect to the Internet. In case you need further assistance, here's how to do it:

·         Tap on Apps from the Home screen.
·         Touch to select Internet.
·         Touch on Apps.
·         Touch to select Chrome.

2. Browse for or navigate to a certain website to see if you can get through. Otherwise, verify Internet settings on the device and ensure it is correctly configured.

3. Also check the device for any possible physical or liquid damage. In case, you happened to drop or exposed it to moisture, it's possible that physical or liquid damage is occurring on the device. If this is the case, then it has to be repaired first.

4. Check for any available software update for your device. Sometimes, the device needs to stay up to date for certain service/app to work fine. Here's how to update Dropbox on your GS 5 handset:

·         Go to Google Play Store.
·         Touch on Menu.
·         Touch to select My Apps.
·         Touch on Update ALL or UPDATE next to Dropbox. That should instigate update on the app.

5. Verify if Dropbox is properly installed on the device.

Usually, Dropbox comes preloaded or pre-installed on most devices. However, if it is not available on your device yet, then you need to download it via Google PlayStore. Here's how:

1. Access Google Play Store by touching on the Apps menu from the Home screen and then select Play Store.

2. Touch on the search icon (magnifying glass symbol) to continue.

3. Touch to select Search Google Play at the upper portion of the screen and then type in the word "Dropbox."

4. On the result page, touch Dropbox.

5. Proceed by touching on the Install button.

6. To begin installation, touch on the ACCEPT button.

Once confirmed that Dropbox is properly installed on the device, try to use it and see if it already works fine this time.

Hope this helps.

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