Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Browsing Issue: Loading of webpages is too slow [Workarounds]

Slow browsing is just among the common issues encountered by a number of Samsung Galaxy S5 users, particularly on web pages that are slow or won't load.

If you too have noticed that web pages take a long time to display or downloads take a long time to complete on your GS 5 handset, then I strongly encourage you to read on this entire content and finally end up having your browsing issue resolved.

As what I've said in my previous posts, we'll follow the standard approach in dealing with different types of problems transpiring on the device.

Before you begin with the troubleshooting steps, be sure to determine what is possibly causing the problem to occur on the phone. Slow browsing issue is not only encountered by S5 users but also with other mobile phone users.

Among the common factors that likely trigger slow browsing are the following:

1. Intermittent or inconsistent network connection.
2. Network congestion or too many users of the network.
3. Exceeded data speed limit or speed reduction is reached.
4. Poor signal or low signal strength.
5. Poor Wi-Fi network.
6. Website is under heavy load or too many users accessing the website.
7. Outdated device software or device software requires update.
8. Outdated browser software or browser software requires update.
9. Device memory is low.
10. Apps running in the backgroud.
11. Internet cache is corrupted or full.

Now that we've already determine the possible causes, let us proceed with what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

Follow these steps:

1. Check with your Service Provider for coverage in the area where you are encountering slow browsing issues. This is necessary if the issue occurs only when you are in a specific location.

2. Ensure you're getting adequate signal. A minimum of two or three bars of signal is enough to get a decent browsing experience with your mobile Internet browser.

3. Verify Wi-Fi settings and make sure it is disabled or turned OFF. Remember that your device will not connect to the mobile data network if you are connected to a Wi-Fi access point. To check your phone's Wi-Fi settings, go to the Home screen and continue with the following steps:

a. Touch Menu.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Touch Connections.
d. Select Wi-Fi.
e. Touch the ON/OFF slider next to Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi OFF.

4. Use a non-mobile device to verify if you can access the website or webpage from it. Doing so will help you determine whether the problem is isolated with your mobile device or a general network issue.

5. Check for any software update available for your Galaxy S5. You may visit Samsung website to check for firmware updates rolled out for your phone model.

6. Check for an application updates via Play Store. To get the Play Store, touch Apps and then select Play Store.

7. When you're inside Google Play Store, touch Menu. Next, touch My apps and then select UPDATE ALL or UPDATE individual applications.

If problem continues, after performing the above procedures do these:

1. Try to re-establish a connection with the mobile network by performing these steps:
a. Remove the battery for 30 seconds with the device still ON.
b. Wait until the time has elapsed and re-insert the battery.
c. Turn the phone back ON.
d. Wait for the phone to re-establish network connection.

2. Please contact your ISP or network provider and verify if your speeds have been reduced. Some service providers will reduce speed after a certain limit, thereby causing slow browsing experience to the affected users.

3. Please note that during peak times, the network can become overloaded with users. This is also one cause of slow browsing as the network becomes congested, thus reducing the amount of bandwith available. In this case, try to use the Internet at some time later when the network is no longer overloaded with users.

4. Try to connect to mobile data by opening your preferred browser on your phone. Follow these steps:

a. Touch Apps.
b. Select Internet or Chrome.
c. Navigate to a webpage or website.

If you can access to the website at the same speed with both browsers, then it could be a general network problem in your place. Contact your network provider and check for any possible network outages occurring in your place, which is affecting your mobile internet browsing.

If problem persists, clear Internet memory browser. Clearing RAM and Interest Cache has been known to fix slow Internet browsing or slow Internet speeds in both PC and mobile phones.

These are the steps to Clear RAM and Internet Cache on the Galaxy S5:

A. Internet browser

1. Go to the Home screen.
2. Touch Apps.
3. Select Internet.
4. Touch Menu.
5. Select Settings.
6. Touch Privacy.
7. Put a check mark next to Select All.
8. Touch Done.

B. Chrome browser

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.
2. Touch Chrome.
3. Touch Menu.
4. Select Settings.
5. Touch Privacy.
6. Touch Clear Browsing Data located beneath the screen.
7. Put a check mark next to each of the items and touch Clear to initiate clearing of cache from your phone's Chrome browser.

Besides clearing the Internet cache, clearing the device RAM may be necessary as well. Follow these steps:

1. Press and hold the Home key for one to two seconds and then touch the RAM icon represented by a cirle (pie) symbol.

2. Touch the RAM tab at the upper part of the screen.

3. Touch Clear Memory to initiate clearing of RAM on your GS 5 handset.

4. Try to connect to mobile data by opening either browser on your phone, and then navigate to a website or webpage to see if you Internet speed is improving this time. Otherwise, proceed with clearing App Data on your device.

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