Samsung Galaxy S5 Voicemail Issue: Cannot remove voicemail icon

The problem is specifically on the voicemail icon that remains even after deleting the voicemail message.

If you are one of those who encounter such an annoying issue about the voicemail icon that won't go away, here's one of the troubleshooting methods you can try on.

There are several factors that could and would trigger voicemail issues to occur on the device, including this one. Among the most common are as follow:
1. Voicemail message was incorrectly accessed.
2. Voicemail messag was actually not deleted.
3. Third-party app conflict or opened app causing the issue.
4. Device software requires update.
5. Intermittent network connection.
6. Network outage affecting voicemail services in your location.
7. Inactive account or account is incorrectly setup.

First things to work on:

1. Verify your account status and ensure it is in good standing and that voicemail is set up on your account.

2. Please contact your service provider to verify if your account is provisioned correctly, especially if you never received signal or service on your device.

3. If a SIM card is used on your phone, please ensure the card is correctly installed and is not damaged. Also make sure you are using the correct SIM card from your service provider.

4. If the problem occurs only when you are in certain area, please verify with your service provider for network coverage in the area where you are having voicemail issues on your device.

5. Please visit Samsung website and check for any available software update for your phone model. You may need to go for a firmware upgrade this time.

After you've done the aforementioned suggestions and the problem remains, perform a soft reset on your phone. Follow these steps:

1. Take the battery off the phone with the device still on.
2. Wait for 30 seconds.
3. After the elapsed time, replace or re-insert the battery on the phone.
4. Allow your phone to re-establish network connection for a few seconds.
5. Now try to delete the voicemail icon you want to remove from your phone.

If problem persists, proceed with these steps:

1. Leave yourself a message and then delete the message. If you need further assistance on how to get this done, follow these steps:
a. Place a call to yourself.
b. Leave yourself a voicemail by following the prompts to send a message.
c. Call your voicemail by touching the Phone icon. This icon is located in the favorites by default.
d. After you touched Phone, touch and hold the number 1.
e. Listen to the entire message and all the menu prompts.
f. Use the key provided in the menu prompts to delete the message.

Generally, voicemail systems would use the 7 key to delete a message.

g. Once the message is erased or deleted, disconnect from voicemail. Just follow the voicemail system prompt to disconnect.

If problem remains, then try disabling or uninstalling third-party app, which you suspect is causing conflict. There are some downloaded or third-party apps that would interfere with the normal device functionality.

You may have to boot your phone in Safe mode to uninstall apps. Booting in safe mode is highly recommended when troubleshooting whether or not a certain app is causing problems with the device.

General steps to boot Galaxy S5 into safe mode:

1. Turn your phone off.
2. Press and hold the Power/Lock key to turn the phone on.
3. Wait for the animations starts, then press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen shows up.
4. Once the lock screen displays, you can see Safe mode is shown in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If all else failed, please contact your ISP using a different phone (if available) and have them reset your voicemailbox.

Hope this helps.

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