Troubleshooting iPhone 5 that slows, freezes or turns off unexpectedly

This article contains the recommended methods/workarounds to deal with performance issues on the iPhone 5 such as slowing, freezing or turning off unexpectedly, restarts unexpectedly, displays error messages and cannot install or update applications.

You may try these recommended methods and see if any of these could help enhance your iPhone's performance afterwards.

A. Soft Reset. Many device issues have been resolved by performing a soft reset.

When you perform a soft reset on your iPhone 5, your device will reboot without losing any of your content or data. Follow these steps:

1. Press and hold the Power and Home keys simultaneously from the Home screen .
2. Release both keys when the Apple logo displays.
3. Allow your iPhone 5 to restart/reboot completely.

B. Check your phone's memory. Ensure your phone has enough memory space. Low memory affects the device's performance.

These are the steps to check your phone memory and see if it is low or not.

1. Tap Settings from the home screen.
2. Tap General.
3. Tap Usage to get to the phone's memory usage details.
4. If you see your phone has low memory, then troubleshoot low memory issues first.

C. Close any application running in the background.

There are some applications that continue to run in the background even after you exit them. It is highly recommended that you close background applications when they are not in use.

These are the steps to close background apps on the iPhone 5:

1. Go to the Home screen and press the Home key twice.
2. All recently active apps will be shown. To close an app, just swipe the application upwards.
3. Tap the home screen.

The background apps are now closed.

D. Make sure your iPhone is running the latest software. Otherwise, you may need to go for an upgrade this time. Typically software updates are rolled out as fix for certain device issues. Check for any available software update for your device.

Follow these steps to check for available software updates for your phone.

1. Tap Settings from the home screen.
2. Scroll to and tap General.
3. Tap Software Update to view the most recent software updates for your device.
4. If an update is available, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update on your phone. Wait until the whole update process is completed.

If problem persists, then we suggest you call your phone carrier this time and let them know of the issue you have on your iPhone 5.

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