Ultimate Guide to Fix Corporate/Work Email Issues on Apple iPhone 5

There have been quite a number of reported issues associated with corporate or work email issues on the iPhone 5 device, including the issue on sending and receiving emails. In respond to this concern, we offer this article containing the best possible workarounds to troubleshoot corporate or work email issues on the iPhone 5 handset. Read on if you are one of those having the same problem.

Getting started:

1. Verify your account status and check for data blocks. You may need to contact your carrier or ISP for this matter.

2. Make sure you are within your ISP or carrier's coverage area. Sometimes, email messaging problems are tied to being within or out of ISP's coverage area or network range.

3. Check the SIM card and make sure it is properly installed or inserted.

4. Turn off or disable the Airplane mode on your device. Follow these steps to disable or turn off Airplane Mode on the iPhone 5:

* Select Settings from the Home screen.
* Drag the Switch from Airplane mode, left or right to enable or disable Airplane mode. In this case, you have to turn it OFF.

5. Turn on mobile data. To turn on the iPhone 5 data, just go to the Home screen and select Settings ->General ->Cellular. Drag the Cellular Data switch left or right to enable or disable the feature. In this case, you have to enable Cellular Data switch to turn on data on your phone.

6. Reboot the iPhone or turn it off and on. This process is often referred to as soft reset. It is a most useful method for resolving variety of phone issues without affecting data on the device. To perform a soft reset on the iPhone 5, follow these steps:

* Press and hold the Power/Sleep button.
* Slide the Power switch right, to turn off the device.
* Wait for a few moments to let the device power off completely.
* Once the phone has finished powering off, press the Power/Sleep button to turn it back ON.
* Slide the unlock switch right, to unlock the phone.

7. Check corporate/work email settings. Verify email settings like the server addresses are all correct. To check corporate/work email settings on the iPhone 5, follow these steps:

*Select Settings from the Home screen.
* Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars option from the list to proceed.
* Select the corporate email account used on the phone from the Accounts Section.
* Drag the switches left or right to enable/disable sync options (Mail, Contacts, Calendars). If the switch is On, the sync option is enabled, otherwise, it is disabled.
* Select Account Info.
* View and check the account information including the Email, Server, Domain, Username, Password, Description and SSL, then select Done once everything is verified correct.

8. Delete the email account that's having an issue. If problem persists after verifying all email settings are correct, try to delete the email account. Here are the steps to delete email account on iPhone 5:

* Select Settings from the Home screen.
* Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars option to proceed.
* Select the email account from the Accounts section.
* Select Delete Account to remove selected email account.
* Select Delete Account to confirm deletion of the email account.

9. Setup corporate/work email account. After deleting the problematic email account, setup the account again with these steps:

* Select Settings from the Home screen.
* Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars to proceed.
* Select Add Account.
* Select Microsoft Exchange, since you are setting up a work or corporate email account.
* Enter the correct exchange information including Email address, Password, and Description, then select Next.
* If prompted, select Continue.
* If prompted, select Accept to proceed to the next process.
* Verify all the exchange information entered (Email address, Server address, Domain, Username, Password, Description) is correct and then select Next.
* If prompted, select OK.
* Select Save.
* Try sending/receiving test mail.

9. Reset the phone's network settings. If problem persists after doing the above steps, reset the network settings on your phone. Here's how:

* Select Settings from the Home screen.
* Select General to proceed.
* Select Reset.
* Select Reset Network Settings.
* Tap on the Reset Network Settings button to confirm action.

10. Update the device firmware or software version. Check for any available software/iOS updates for your device and go for an upgrade when necessary.

11. Check the available memory space on your device. Memory space availability is also a factor that might affect the phone's functions and process. So make sure there is enough memory space available on your device. Just follow these steps:

* Select Settings from the Home screen.
* Select General and then About.
* View Capacity to see total memory storage of the device.
* View Available to see available memory of the device.

12. Leave message copies on the server (optional). This method may rectify issues if you are receiving emails to your computer rather than on your phone.


If the email account is set up on an email client like Microsoft Outlook, the email is downloaded off the server and into the email client. Majority, if not all email clients have an option that leaves a copy of the email on the server, allowing the email to be downloaded to the email client while leaving a copy on the mail server. This then makes the email viewable on the webmail interfaces and mobile devices. You have to manually configure this option to use it.


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