Using Samsung Galaxy S5 as Remote Control for your Television [Here's how]


Here's another content to help you make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. This time we'll help you learn how to make your phone function as remote control for your television. All you need to do is to do some settings configuration and enjoy switching TV channels with your phone.

You can set up your phone to let it function as remote control for your TV, Set-top box, DVR, Stereos and other electronic devices. To make this possible, your television or other device must be turned off to customize Smart Remote feature on your phone.

Follow these steps to set up your Smart Remote to control your television:

1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.

2. Tap on Smart Remote to continue.

3. Tap on Universal Remote Control.

4. Tap Continue.

5. Tap to select your television brand.

  • If your TV is not in the list, tap Show other brands to select from a complete list of brands available.
  • If you are using a projector, tap I have a home projector and then select the brand of projector you are using.
6. Now, aim your phone at the television.

7. Tap Power to turn your TV on. Make sure the Infrared Transmitter on the top of your phone is pointed straight at the television to let it function properly.

8. Confirm the codes. Refer to the following:
  • Tap Yes, this code 1 works if the television turned ON.
  • Tap No, text next code 2 or Send this code 1 again, if the television did not turn ON.
You may need to try several codes to find the one that works on your device, depending on the model of your television.

9. Select the entry that matches your current method for changing channels, from the Select your channel source screen. Among the available entries include the following:
  • Set-top Box - If you use a set-top box from your TV service provider to change channels, choose this option and then select the brand of your set-top box. To configure your set-top box to receive commands from your smartphone's Infrared Transmitter, tap Enable IR.
  • My xxx TV - If your TV signal is fed directly into the television, and you currently use your television remote when changing channels, select this option.
After performing all the above steps, try switching channels on your television with your Galaxy S5 as a remote control. Great isn't it?

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