Having 4G SIM card issues with my Samsung Galaxy S5 [How to fix]

This troubleshooting guide is aimed at helping those who are having some issues with their Samsung Galaxy S5 4G SIM. You can use this guide to troubleshoot other SIM card-related issues with your GS 5 handset, including the following:

  • Cannot update phone number to new SIM card 
  • Cannot change/set mobile network state
  • Cannot detect service state
  • Errors: Not register on network, Insert SIM card

You may begin with the first T/S method, whenever you're ready. Be sure to test the device after completing every step, to see if the issue remains or is resolved.

1. Make sure you're within your ISP's or carrier's network coverage area. You may need to contact your ISP or network carrier, for coverage area verification. Some leading carriers in the country, like Verizon, are offering a wireless coverage locator available over the Internet, particularly on their respective websites, for use of their customers who want to know about their coverage area. All you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts to get the desired result.

2. After ensuring you really are within the coverage area, make sure the SIM card is properly inserted. You may refer to this guide on Inserting SIM and SD card on the Galaxy S5, just to make sure you are doing it right.

3. Once you've checked and verified the SIM card is properly installed or inserted, perform a soft reset on your phone. The process is similar to powering the phone off and on, or restarting a computer. Oftentimes, a soft reset is among the first methods to use when troubleshooting a device issue, without affecting data on your phone unless the battery is extremely low.

Follow these steps in case you need further assistance in performing a soft reset with the 4G SIM card inserted on your new GS 5 handset:

1. Press and hold the Power button.
2. Touch Restart.
3. Touch OK to initiate phone restart.

If you are not able to perform the above-mentioned steps, simply remove and re-insert the battery. That should do the same thing as a soft reset does.

4. Try to use the SIM in other devices (if available). This will help you isolate if the problem is on the Galaxy S5 or the 4G SIM card itself. If the SIM card works fine on other devices, then it simply denotes the fault is on your phone. Therefore, you have to deal with that problem (software/hardware) first, for you to use your 4G SIM card afterwards. Otherwise, your 4G SIM card must be defective.

Here are some helpful tips for proper handling/using of 4G SIM cards on your device:

  • Avoid exposing the SIM card to extreme temperatures and magnetic fields.
  • Always keep the SIM card clean and dry.
  • Never bend the SIM card.
  • Do not touch the gold contacts.
  • Be sure to align the gold contacts correctly (from 4G SIM card to the phone). The orientation of the 4G SIM to the 4G device is an angled cut-off notch located in the SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card to the device properly, to avoid SIM card errors like 'SIM card failure,' 'No SIM card inserted,' or 'Please insert SIM card.'

If all the above T/S methods have failed to fix the problem, we suggest you should contact your service provider immediately and escalate your problem for further troubleshooting assistance and/or official recommendations from their technical support group.

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