Turn ON VoLTE Call and use Advanced Calling 1.0 on your Galaxy S5 [Tutorial]

America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network with XLTE now caters the first-generation service suite activated by VoLTE or Voice over LTE technology, called the Advanced Calling 1.0 service.

Customers of the leading carriers in the U.S. can now avail of the Advanced Calling 1.0 and enjoy natural-sounding HD (high-definition) Voice and Video Calling on their Samsung Galaxy S5 handsets.

To avoid encountering problems like audio issues or dropped calls when using the first-generation Advanced Calling service on your device, you need to adjust some settings.

Turn Advanced Calling On/Off on your Galaxy S5

Considering you are eligible for Advanced Calling and have successfully added and set up Advanced Calling 1.0 to your account, the next thing you'll need to learn is how to turn the service on or off your GS 5 handset. If you need help, just follow these steps:

Method 1:

1. Go to your phone Settings to get started.
2. Now tap on More Networks or Tethering & Networks (on other device models).
3. Tap on Mobile Networks to continue.
4. Finally, tap on the VoLTE Call setting to enable/disable the feature. Doing so will likewise enable/disable the Advanced Calling 1.0 on your device. This means, when you turn VoLTE Call setting OFF, Advanced Calling will also be disabled on your phone.

If you're having some trouble following the first method, then you can try an alternative (simpler) way. Follow these steps:

Method 2:

1. Go to your Galaxy S5 Home screen.
2. Once you're in the Home screen, drag down the Notification Panel.
3. Tap on the Settings icon on the notification screen.
4. Scroll down and tap on More networks under Settings screen to continue.
5. Under More networks, tap on Mobile networks.
6. Scroll down to and tap to select VoLTE call from the given options. Doing so will turn the feature on or off your device.

When VoLTE call is enabled or turned on, HD Voice Calling will automatically become available on your phone. An indication that it's already available is the HD icon appearing on the upper-right corner of the Call screen, if the person you're calling also has HD voice capability.

Important Notes:

The above setting will only become available after you have successfully added the HD Voice feature to your account. Please contact your ISP/carrier for further assistance in this regard.

Among the benefits of the Advanced Calling 1.0 include HD Voice, simultaneous voice and 4G LTE data, 6-way conference calls and 1-way or 2-way video calls, including support for video over Wi-Fi. Be sure to enable video calling feature on your device first, so you can use video calling service.

More hints:

You may need to contact your carrier beforehand and verify if you are eligible for Advanced Calling 1.0. Leading carriers including Verizon, have specified some eligibility requirements for their customers.


This is the worst source ever, there is no VOlte in s5. The handset doesn't have it.


I have an s5 and I noticed the volte symbol today. Just turned it off now using above as guide.


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