Connect/Pair Samsung Galaxy S5 to Galaxy Gear 2 [Tutorial]

This guide will help you connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy Gear 2. Follow these steps and get in shape.

Start here whenever you're ready.

Connect Gear 2 and your Galaxy S5 to the Internet

1. Turn on your Gear 2. 

To turn your Galaxy Gear 2, just press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until its on.

2. Connect your Galaxy Gear 2 to the Internet. 

You can use 3G, 4G or a Wi-Fi network on your Gear 2. However, please note that your mobile network may charge you for using 3G or 4G especially if they are not covered by your monthly billing.

3. On your Galaxy S5, turn on Wi-Fi. 

To enable Wi-Fi on the Galaxy S5, touch Apps from the Home screen, touch Settings and select Wi-Fi. Touch the slider to turn Wi-Fi ON (if needed) and continue to the next step.

4. Touch the name of your Wi-Fi network from the list of available Wi-Fi network in range. 

Doing so will also connect your device to the selected network.

After verifying both devices are connected to the Internet, you may now proceed with Installation of the Samsung Gear Manager on your Galaxy S5.

Install Samsung Galaxy Gear on your Galaxy S5

You can download the Samsung Gear Manager app through the Samsung Apps or Galaxy App on your Galaxy S5. Here's how:

1. Touch Apps from your Galaxy S5 Home screen.

2. Touch Galaxy Apps or Samsung Apps. If necessary, swipe left or right to find it.

3. Search for or type "Samsung Gear Manager" in the search field.

4. Touch to select Samsung Gear Manager in the search results.

5. Now, touch Download.

6. When the download is complete, open the app and proceed with pairing your Gear 2 with your Galaxy S5.

Pair Gear 2 with Galaxy S5 via Gear Manager app

1. If prompted, read the disclaimer message and then touch Accept to proceed.

2. Let the Gear Manager app begin scanning or searching for available Bluetooth devices.

3. Look for your Gear 2 by its name and then touch that name to select it from the list of devices in the Gear Manager application.

4. When prompted with the Bluetooth pairing request message box, touch OK to confirm connection request.

5. On your Gear 2, touch Accept.

6. Touch to mark all checkboxes in the End User License Agreement, and then touch Finish.


You are not required to check the Yes radio button. If you tick that button, it will enable the application to send Samsung error log data (if an error occurs).

To verify if pairing was successful, get to your Gear Manager and do the following:

1. Scroll to and touch Find my Gear.

2. Touch Start to start finding your Gear 2 device.

3. You then should hear your Gear 2 will ring.

To stop your device's search for your Gear 2, simply touch Stop in Gear Manager.

And that's how you connect or pair your Samsung Galaxy S5 to a Galaxy Gear 2.

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