Enable/Disable GPS on iPhone 6 Plus [Basic Guide]

Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus also integrates the GPS feature to help users determine their geographical position via Global Positioning System.

With GPS, the information about your location can be utilized by a many apps on your phone including navigation, search function or weather forecast. Similar to other phone features, GPS can be enabled or disabled on your iPhone 6 Plus.

Here's a quick guide for you to turn GPS on/off in the new iPhone.

Follow these steps to complete the process.

1. Tap on Settings from the Home screen.

2. Scroll to and select Privacy from the given options under Settings screen.

3. Tap on Location Services under Privacy.

4. Now, tap the indicator next to Location Services to enable or disable the function. You need to turn the feature ON or enabled for you to use GPS on your device.


Location Services utilizes Bluetooth, GPS, as well as crowd-soured Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile tower locations to determine your approximate location. 

If you turn off Location Services, it will be disabled for all applications but your personalized Location Services settings for apps will be temporarily restored if you enable Lost Mode using Find My iPhone.

More hints:

You can also enable or disable use of GPS position for apps. To do so, tap the required app from Location Services menu (like Siri or Weather). Next, select your required settings as to whether or not you allow location access while using the selected app. After that, go back to Location Services.

Please note that apps are only become available if you enabled Location Services on your iPhone 6 Plus.

5. Once you're done, save your recent settings by pressing/tapping on Privacy. 

Your recent changes made to Location Services will now be saved. Press the Home key to go back to the Home screen.

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