iPhone 6 Fundamentals: Set up phone for Internet / select Network manually and automatically

Among the first things done by smartphone users is setting up their new device for Internet.

Internet is necessary for your iPhone 6 to perform various tasks like receiving email messages, as well as downloading and installing applications. As soon as you've inserted your SIM, you can access the Internet. But if you can't, then you may need to set up your phone for internet manually.

These are the steps to set up your iPhone 6 for Internet.

1. Tap on Settings to get started.

2. Tap Mobile.

3. Select Mobile Data Network.

4. Under Mobile Data, tap APN to configure APN settings. 

If you don't know exactly the APN settings for your new iPhone, please contact your phone carrier for more details on your phone's APN settings configuration.

5. After entering APN settings configuration, tap Mobile.

6. Tap Settings. Your recently applied settings will now be saved.

Go back to the Home screen by pressing the Home key.

Select Network for use on your iPhone 6

You have the option to set up your new iPhone to select a network automatically or manually. If you opt to select a network manually, then your phone will lose network connection when the chosen network is out of reach.

Follow these steps to select network on iPhone 6:

1. Tap on Settings.
2. Under Settings, scroll to and tap to select Carrier from the given options.
3. Select network manually or automatically.

//Manual selection

If you select network manually, you have to turn off Automatic network selection.

To see whether automatic network selection is enabled, tap on Settings, then drag the slider next to Automatic to left (if necessary). Doing so will disable or turn off automatic network selection on your device.

Once Automatic selection is OFF, your phone will now initiate manual search for available networks within range. Tap to choose a network you want to use and you will then be prompted with a message telling you if you have access to the network you've selected.

//Automatic selection

To automatically select network, just go to , Settings and then drag the indicator next to Automatic right, to enable the function. When enabled, your iPhone will automatically search for available network in range.

To save your most recent network settings, tap on Settings, then tap the Home key to get back to the Home screen.

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