iPhone 6 No Internet/Cannot Browse the Internet [How to Fix]

Internet and browsing problems are inevitable with mobile phones even the new ones like the recently released iPhone 6.

This article elaborates three possible solutions to a problem on the iPhone 6 that is unable to browse the Internet. If you opt to use this troubleshooting guide to fix similar issue with your new iPhone, be sure to test you phone after completing each method to see if the problem is already fixed. Otherwise, proceed to the next procedure.


One important thing you need to check before you troubleshoot your iPhone 6 Internet problem is if you can make voice calls. Because if you can't make voice calls, you need to fix this problem first. Doing so will likely fix your phone's Internet problem, too.

On the other hand, if you can make voice calls then please proceed with the following methods to troubleshooting Internet problem with your iPhone 6.

1. One possibility as to why you can't connect to or browse the Internet with your iPhone is because of a temporary network problem or your device could not establish a connection to a webpage at that time.

In this regard, we suggest you try browsing the web at some time later. Or you may also contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and check for some possible network outages that might be causing Internet browsing issues on your end.

2. Check the browser settings on your iPhone and see if the browser might have some limitations, restricting you from visiting some webpages or websites. If this is the first time you use the Safari browser on the iPhone 6, you may refer to the following steps:

a. Tap Safari, to launch/open the Safari browser on your device.
b. Type in or enter the website address (url) in the address bar, then press Go.

You may add the current webpage or website to bookmarks so it will be easier for you to access the same site the next time you browse the Internet.

To add a website to bookmarks, just press the menu icon, then tap Add Bookmark, type in the name of the bookmarked site, and finally press Save.

To check or go to your bookmarks, press the bookmarks icon, press Favorites, and then press the bookmark you want to view.

To add current webpage or website to your Reading List, press the menu icon, then tap Add to Reading List. If you want to view or go to your Reading List, press the bookmarks icon, then tap the reading list icon, and finally tap to select or view a reading list you want to view.

If problem persists after verifying your phone's browser settings are properly configured, then check the Internet settings on your phone and ensure they are correctly setup. Follow these steps to verify/configure Internet settings on your iPhone 6:

a. Tap Settings.
b. Tap Mobile.
c. Select Mobile Data Network.
d. Tap APN below Mobile Data.

If necessary, enter the correct APN settings. (If you are not sure what to enter, then please contact your ISP or carrier to verify the correct APN settings for your mobile network).

e. Save the settings by tapping on Mobile and then press Settings.

If the problem remains after completing all the aforementioned procedures, then please contact your ISP support for further troubleshooting and recommendations.

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