Samsung Galaxy Note 4 error ER081 [How to Fix]

ER081 code -- one of the most recent errors encountered by many users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device, especially those with T-Mobile. The error reportedly occurs when users are trying to use the WiFi Calling feature but are not able to connect and instead get the ER081 error prompt.

Good thing for Galaxy Note 4 users, a definite fix has already been found. And this is what we are going to share with you in this content. Read on to learn how to fix this error code on your Note 4 device.

Problem Details:

User is trying to use the updated Wi-Fi Calling feature on the Galaxy Note 4 but is prompted with an error code ER081 - Unable to connect message. Wi-Fi connection works just fine for the phone apps and browser. In short, only the Wi-Fi calling feature is affected. At first, the user thought it was the new SIM card (considering the Galaxy Note 4 is shipped with an ISIS Ready SIM) that is causing the problem as all other Galaxy devices don't have it.

First Workarounds done so far:

User has already tried turning off or disabling the Wi-Fi calling using the phone's Application Manager, as well as cleared cache and data for WiFi Calling service and did the same thing for Wi-Fi calling settings. Also did a phone restart then re-enable WiFi calling. But only to end up getting the same error prompt while attempting to use the feature.


To fix the error code ER081 on Galaxy Note 4 WiFi calling, you need to ensure that PPTP and IPSec passthrough is enabled on your router. If you are not sure how to configure this on your router, please contact your router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.

And that should do it!


The ER 081 or 082 problem is a function of your router.
For some reason the Note 4 is very sensitive.
T-Mobile offers their own version of an Asus RT-AC68U router, the TM-AC1900, that they have modified to give WiFi calling the highest priority.
If you have an Asus AC68U, N66U, or other router with QoS capability you can do the same thing using the Traffic Manager QoS (Quality of Service) settings.
Based on information from T-Mobile Tech support do the following.
Turn on QoS in Traffic Manager.
Go to User-defined QoS Rules and add the following rules using the MAC for your phone, set to Highest priority, and a chunk of bandwidth that is 85% of your available:
Destination Port "4500" Protocol: "UDP"
Destination Port "5060, 5061" Protocol "TCP"
Using this approach I was able to get result identical to using T-Mobile's custom CellSpot router.
No more 081/082.
Without these settings, I could reliably get an ER081 anytime I moved between my AC68U router and my AC68U WAP.


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