How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems Connecting To PC / Computer


Majority of electronic devices that are capable of holding data are plug-and-play and use generic USB drivers. Big companies like Samsung don't use generic drivers so if you own a Galaxy S3 or any Samsung device, you will need to download and install the drivers on your computer if you haven't done so already.

If drivers aren't properly installed on your computer, it can be able to detect a device has been plugged in but it can't recognize it. Thus, data can't be transferred to and fro, although, you can still use your computer as a fancy charger.

Where can I download the drivers?

Samsung made sure users can easily find the official drivers for their devices. You need to log on to the company's website to find them and you have two options; you can either download the drivers or Samsung Kies that also comes packed with all necessary drivers.

Downloading Drivers

Please follow this very simple procedure I outlined for you to download necessary drivers for your device:
  1. Know the model of your device first. Remove the battery and look at the sticker at the back of the phone and look for "model" and take note of it.
  2. Log on to
  3. Enter the model of your device in the filed provided in that page.
  4. Choose  your device from the list of options.
  5. Now click the icon labeled "USB (EN)".
  6. A pop up will appear, click Continue.
  7. Depending on the browser you use, click "Save" or "Save file".
  8. After it has been downloaded, run the program to install the drivers.
  9. Viola! Your phone can now be recognized by your computer.

Downloading Samsung Kies

With Kies, you can update your phone, manage your data, backup your device, and transfer multimedia files. It also brings along necessary drivers for your phone so if  you have it in your computer already, you don't need to manually install device-specific drivers.
  1. Know the version of Android your phone is running.
  2. Log on to
  3. Scroll to Download section.
  4. If your phone has Android 4.3 or later, click Kies 3. For Android 4.2 and lower, Kies 2.6 will do.
  5. Depending on the browser you use, click "Save" or "Save file".
  6. After it has been downloaded, run the executable file to install Kies on your computer together with drivers.
  7. Your computer can now recognize your phone plus you can enjoy all cool features the program offers.
For issues related to the communication between your phone and your computer, installing correct drivers or Kies can easily fix them. We hope this post can somehow help you. If you got questions, leave a comment below.

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