SOLVED: Galaxy S5 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting After Lollipop Update


I received a lot of emails regarding the most recent WiFi problem with Galaxy S5, which started after Android 5.0 Lollipop update. According to reports I received, the phone can connect to an WiFi network without a problem but after a few minutes, the connection will drop, then the phone will attempt to reconnect. This cycle will continue unless and it will drain the battery way quicker than normal.


"Hi. Can you help me? My Galaxy S5 was updated to Lollipop. The update went smooth but after the installation, my WiFi keeps dropping and reconnecting to the network. I am positive of this because it never happened prior to the update." -- Sean

"I got a notification that an update is available so I duly downloaded it. After the update, my WiFi connection became crappy. So, I did the factory reset in hopes that it could fix the problem. It didn't. I'm at my wits end here, so please help me." -- Cassandra


I understand the issue is very annoying but it's not really a serious issue. The Galaxy S5 has a feature that allows it to scan for available networks (both mobile data and WiFi) and connects to one that is more stable or has strong signal provided that both WiFi and mobile data are enabled.

To fix this issue, you have two options: either you turn off mobile data completely or prevent the phone from automatically switching between networks. Personally, I will prefer the latter because mobile data is necessary for MMS or picture messages. Here's how…

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap WiFi.
  4. Now, make sure the Smart network switch checkbox isn't ticked.

That's pretty much it! Leave a comment if you think this is helpful. Thanks for reading.


I was gonna hard reset my phone, man. Never thought it would be this easy. Really appreciate the help!


I have everything turned off in the wifi advanced section; however, it continues to scan for networks although it is already connected.... any suggestions?


Hi Barbara.. Have you tried disabling "Allow Scanning" option?


Yes, the box next to that option is also unchecked. Everything in that screen is unchecked.


Thanks, it worked like a charm!


I too am having the same issue, allow scanning is unchecked on my phone and it continually drops,scans and reconnects with the wifi. Any other solutions?


I have the same problem and it is driving me crazy. The box is unchecked so that does nothing. I will attempt to open my browser and receive an error message offline. I long press the wifi button, and, as usual it disconnected from my wifi and connected to my wireless printer. Crazy. So, I select the home wifi to connect and it goes back. This happens multiple times a day. Is there a way to turn off and on scanning as needed? This is insane. It is a tremendous use of my phones resources and frustrating to me. My home wifi has a strong solid signal. Please, does anyone have a fix? No more Samsungs for me.


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