My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 unable to connect to WiFi [Troubleshooting]

We recently got an email from a Galaxy Note 4 owner relaying a Wi-Fi issue with her device and this article serves as our response. While we cannot warrant that the workarounds we recommend in this post are absolute fix to the main problem, these have helped a number device owners who have encountered the same issue with their Note 4 device.

Problem excerpt:

"I'm having a problem with my Galaxy Note 4's wireless functionality. Just recently, I noticed that my device cannot connect to a WiFi network. As far as I remember, I haven't made any changes to the wireless settings. I need your help please. Thanks in advance."


Wireless problems could be triggered by a number of factors. Thus, the first thing we should do is to determine the possible cause for us to come up with the best possible solution.

If you too are having the same problem with your Note 4 device, I encourage you to read on and consider the following questions as well as try any of the following workarounds we've purposely prepared for our email sender.


1. Did the problem start after downloading and installing a new app?

There are certain third-party applications that will disable or turn off Wireless, Bluetooth, or Cellular Data service of your device. If the issue started after installing a new app, here's what you need to do:

a. Verify WiFi settings and enable when necessary. Also make sure you're getting strong enough Wi-Fi signal on your device. To enable Wi-Fi on the Galaxy Note 4, follow these steps:

- Tap Apps from the Home screen.
- Swipe to then tap Settings.
- Tap the WiFi switch to enable or turn on Wi-Fi function.
- Tap your preferred wireless network to use.
- If prompted, enter the correct password then tap Connect to connect to the selected wireless network.
- You should now be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
- An indication that Wi-Fi is enabled and connected is the Wi-Fi icon displayed in the notifications bar. Check to see if the icon is shown.

Alternately, you can quickly enable or disable Wi-Fi on the Galaxy Note 4 by swiping down from the top of the screen, and then tap on Wi-Fi.

If problem persists after enabling Wi-Fi, try to manage the application you suspect that's causing the problem and adjust the settings when necessary. If you see no options for you to manage settings, then you could just disable or uninstall the application.

2. Did you enter the correct password when attempting to connect to the desired Wi-Fi network?

Perhaps, you are trying to connect to a locked Wi-Fi network this time and you entered an incorrect password that's why it would work.

To make sure this is not causing the problem, try to review your home network's credentials and information. If you're unsure, then please contact your Internet service provider for further assistance. If you're trying to connect to another wireless network like if you're at a friend's house or a hotel, you can always ask permission to use the Wi-Fi connection and password.

There are also some wireless networks that prompt you with a welcome page containing information like pricing, session length, and terms and conditions that must be acknowledged before you can use the WiFi network. So consider that too.

3. Clear Browser Cache.

Clearing browser cache can also help fix network issues including wireless networks. It can also help enhance browsing experience (fast browsing).

Please note though that clearing the browser cache will permanently delete the browser history. Make sure you have bookmarked important websites in this case. Here's how to clear browser cache on your Galaxy Note 4 device:

a. Launch/open the Browser application on your device.
b. Go to Menu.
c. Go to Settings.
d. Select Privacy and Security.
e. Tap on Clear Cache.

Wait until the entire process is finished and then try to connect to WiFi again.

4. Restart your device (soft reset).

If problem continuous even after clearing the browser cache, your next option is to perform a soft reset or restart your device.

A soft reset is done by turning off the phone completely for about a minute and turn it back on. Just hold the Power button down until the device powers off options appear on the screen. Keep it off for a few moments and then turn it back on.

To turn on the device, press and hold the Power/Lock key until the screen lights up.

Alternately, you can just remove the battery and then re-insert it after a few seconds, before turning the phone back on.

If all else failed to fix the problem, please contact your network service provider or carrier for further assistance. You may also ask if there are any ongoing outages that may interrupt the mobile network services in your area. Otherwise, please contact Samsung Support.

Hope this helps you!

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