How to deal with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen Flickering and other display issues

In this post, I am going to tackle a display issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, particularly on screen flickering. Screen problems can occur on any device whether it's new or old, either due to a software bug or a faulty hardware. Nevertheless, in most cases, screen flickering problem is triggered by a damage to phone components particularly those within the display circuit. To make this content more specific, I've provided a short statement that describes the transpiring issue.

Problem Statement:

Galaxy Note 5 screen flickers and vertical lines appear on screen. The problem occurs while using the phone outdoors under super bright sunlight. The marks are visible from top to bottom of the phone, with a visible spot in the bottom left corner of the display.


Unfortunately, display issues manifested by vertical lines and color marks, uneven screen, uneven colors, gradient on grays, pink and yellow tints, as well as uneven brightness on the Galaxy Note 5 display are common flaws seen on AMOLED devices including the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active and the Note 5. Even some new owners of Samsung's latest Galaxy flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 have similar concern when using their new phone outdoors.

While the latest AMOLED technology has been enhanced, it's not that perfect yet. In other words, it too has some minor downsides like the ones we've tackled in this post.

In terms of vibrancy and vividness of the colors, super AMOLED devices like the Note 5 perform better than IPS LCD devices but their visibility in bright sunlight is another story. So far, no official update can rectify these minor display flaws. That being said, your only options include a screen replacement, phone replacement, and avoid using your device outdoors or subject your phone to direct sunlight. Other users have resorted to a temporary solution by configuring auto-brightness settings on their phone to whatever works best for them.

Meanwhile, if the screen flickering issue starts after you dropped or exposed the phone to water or any sort of liquid, then most likely it's an indication of damage to certain hardware components particularly the ones within the display circuit board. In this case, you may consider taking your phone to an authorized Note 5 technician for hardware check and repair if necessary.

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