My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 screen is flickering [How to Fix]

The content in this post is addressed to those who have solicited for help with screen flickering problem on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet.

Display problems like screen flickering in mobile devices, especially those that have been used for years already  are often tied to a faulty hardware. In most cases, the problem is linked with a problem on the battery. That said, the highlighted solution in this post is isolated on this aspect.

As what I've mentioned above, screen flickering problem on this Galaxy tab can be triggered by an issue on the battery connector on the main board, battery cable, or it could be a bad battery. As a matter of fact, several owners of this Samsung tablet were able to obtain absolute fix by simply working on the device's battery connectors.

Here's what you can do:

Check the battery and make sure it's properly attached to the connector. Loose battery cable connector can also trigger the problem. If necessary, push the clips closer to make good contact with the pins on the battery connector.

Weak battery can also trigger the screen to flicker. If you think it's the right time to get a new battery, then do it now to fix the problem on your device.

For those who possess electronic skills and soldering tools, an easy way to fix it is by reheating the solder on the board of a battery connection. If the screen still flickers after reheating the solder, then your next option is to re-solder the battery connector. Just be careful with the main board though, considering the connector is very close to other components.

Nevertheless, if you are not confident enough to do the re-soldering and battery connector fixing by yourself, then you may consider getting a new replacement battery connector or better find someone experienced at soldering electrical components to do the job for you instead. It would cause you a little for the labor, though.

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