Capture/View Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Alpha [Beginners Guide]

This article is intended for new users of Samsung Galaxy Alpha who need help in capturing and/or viewing screenshots on their new smartphone. If you are one of our subject readers, then you too may refer to this guide whenever necessary.

Just like the other prior Galaxy smartphones, the new Alpha also offers two ways of capturing screenshots. This way, you can simplify or better describe anything you want to say about the device, like a feature or function.

A. Capture Screenshots using keys

The faster way to take or capture a screenshot is using the Home and Power/Lock keys on the device.

To capture a screenshot, all you have to do is to press and hold the Home key and the Power/Lock key simultaneously. Once the screenshot is taken, it will be copied to the clipboard and stored/saved to the Screenshots folder inside the Gallery.

capture screenshots on galaxy alpha

You can check your recently captured screenshots in that directly, and then view, transfer to, or share it with other devices.

B. Capture Screenshots using Motion Gestures

If you don’t want to use the keys, your other option to capture a screenshot is using Motion Gestures.

The Galaxy Alpha supports a gesture called, palm swipe to capture screenshot. This means you can take a screenshot by a touch on the screen. Please note that you need to enable or turn this feature on before you can use Palm swipe to capture screenshot on your device.

Follow these steps to enable or turn on the Palm swipe to capture:

1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Tap Motions and gestures.
4. Tap Palm swipe to capture.
5. Tap the slider to turn the feature on. When the feature is on or enabled, the slider appears GREEN, otherwise, it’s OFF or disabled.

To capture a screenshot using motion gesture, touch the screen with the side of your hand and swipe across from right to left or the other way around.

Once the screenshot is taken, it will be copied to the clipboard. And by default, it will be saved to the Screenshots folder inside the Gallery.

C. View Screenshots via Notification Panel

To view all your captured screenshots, scroll to Gallery and then open the Screenshots folder. Follow these steps:

1. Swipe your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, to open the Notification Panel.
2. Tap on Screenshot captured.
3. Tap on the screenshot you want to view.

To delete, edit and share screenshots from the Notification Panel, use your two fingers. With your two fingers slightly separated, touch Screenshots captured, and then swipe down to expand and display all options.

You can also view your screenshots anytime you want. To do so, go to the Home screen, tap Apps, tap on Gallery, and finally, tap to open Screenshots folder.

While you are viewing the screenshot, you will be prompted with the following icons at the top of the screen. You can use any of these options to edit or share a screenshot.

  • Change Player – use this icon to view your screenshot on a compatible DLNA enabled device within range.
  • Share via – use this icon to share the screenshot via Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messages or Wi-Fi Direct sharing.
  • Delete – use this icon to erase or delete a screenshot.
  • Camera ­- use this icon to open or launch the Camera application.
  • More options – represented by a three-vertical-dots icon. Touch this icon to view more options for your screenshots. Among these options are Edit, More info, Copy to Clipboard, Studio, Crop, Rename, Slideshow, Set as, Print, Move to Private, and Settings. 

Options/icons available may vary depending on the applications installed and enabled features on your device.

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