First iOS7 Jailbreak version Evasion7 released


of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models that are
running iOS 7.0 or the latest Apple mobile operating system Mac OS X may
gain more control over their devices following the arrival of the first
full version iOS 7 jailbreak rolled out by the evad3rs team. The latest
jailbreak is
referred to as evasion7.

mentioned in prior sources, Evad3rs’ newly released jailbreak variant
has already been tested by some members of the group, including Mac’s
Seth Weintraub. And so far, they found it “legit.”

Among the advantages of jailbreaking or hacking iOS devices would include a user’s capacity to work around the proprietary structures or original customization, on iOS tablets and smartphones.

The new iOS 7 jailbreak is said to work by allowing users choose preferred default apps
or using apps not available for iOS devices such as f.lux, as well as tethering
iOS phones to their computers without any charges. Users would also be able to
use Bitcoin related apps on their phones. All these are said possible if and
only if the jailbreak is successful.

Users/jailbreakers have likewise, been warned of the possible consequences.

Aside from potential
bricking of the device from incorrect or corrupted download,
jailbreakers are also reminded of the fact that Apple does not support

Therefore, the company will not be held liable to help
resolve post-jailbreaking issues with its device even if the user has
Apple Care protection. Once a faulty overhaul is done to any iOS gadget,
no one from Apple will be able to repair it.

Having this said, anyone who opts to jailbreak their iOS device must be sure to know what he is doing in the first place.

Evasion7 is now available for download via website. To avoid encountering problems after the jailbreak, users
are strongly advised to check all given prerequisites as such with the system requirements
before instigating the actual jailbreaking process.

The new iOS 7
jailbreak version, evasion7 is also reportedly compatible with certain devices running on
Windows OS.

Evad3rs is a team comprising of hackers behind prior release of the famous iOS 6 jailbreak.

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