Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” error

Galaxy S7 Gallery has stopped

Many Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners have encountered the error message “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.” It is obvious that the gallery app is the one that’s crashing, however, the camera and other apps may also cause it to stop working.

Below is a simple procedure you can follow to troubleshooting the “Gallery has stopped” error on your phone.

  1. Boot your S7 Edge in safe mode to see if the error may show up in that state.
  2. Try clearing the cache and the data of the Gallery app.
  3. Clear the cache and data of apps that may be causing the Gallery to crash.
  4. Delete the system cache if the error started after an update.
  5. If all else fails, perform the factory reset to bring the phone back to optimum settings and condition.

Now, let me explain briefly why you need to do these things.

The first thing you have to do is boot your phone in safe mode to see if the error shows up when all third-party apps are disabled because if so, then you are looking at a possible firmware problem. On the other hand, if the error doesn’t pop up in safe mode, it means that one or two of your downloaded apps are causing the problem. You need to find it and uninstall it. Start your search from apps you recently installed or those that are connected to the Gallery app like ones that allow you to share photos and open your gallery to choose pictures from.

Clearing the cache and the data of the problematic app is the most basic troubleshooting procedure you can use and it is also very effective provided that the problem is in fact with the app. It resets the app to factory defaults and delete all corrupt caches and data bringing the app back to the state as if it’s the first time you open it. It is imperative you do this procedure before proceeding.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to search for apps that might have been the cause of the problem. Once you found them, clear their caches and data. If that won’t work, then you have to no other choice but to uninstall them.

In case the error started showing up after an update, it might be the system cache that’s causing the problem and in this case, you need to boot your device in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition from there so that the new system will create new ones.

If all of these procedures failed, then you really need to do the master reset. It comes last because it’s very inconvenient for some to backup every bit of data that’s on their phones. This procedure has a higher probability that the problem will be fixed, otherwise, the firmware may be corrupt and needs to be reinstalled.

I hope that we were able to help you with this problem. If you need more help with your device, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll help you fix your problems with your phone.

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