galaxy s3 sms problem
This post will
tackle a rather common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S3–unable to send and receive
text messages (SMS). Before jumping into the troubleshooting procedure,
possible causes will be presented so you’ll an idea what may have caused the
problem so that the next time it occurs, you’ll know what to do.


No signal or service available.
Account is not active or set up correctly.
Network outage is affecting your area.
Inconsistent network connection.
Airplane mode is active.
Third-party application is causing an issue.
Incorrect SIM card being used.
Preferred Roaming List is not up to date.
Device software is not up to date.
The Message center number for your network has
been removed in the Messaging settings.

Galaxy S3 SMS Problem

1.    Please verify your account is in good standing.
2.    Verify you are receiving adequate signal (a minimum of two or three
bars of signal). If you never received signal/service on your device, please
contact your service provider to verify your account is provisioned correctly.
3.    If the issue is restricted to a certain location, please check with
your service provider for coverage in the area where you are experiencing
signal loss.
4.    Verify the device has no physical or liquid damage (for example, has
not been damaged by dropping or exposure to moisture).
5.    If your device uses a SIM card, ensure the card is installed correctly
and is not damaged. Also verify you are using the correct SIM card from your
service provider.
6.    Verify you are using the default messaging app on the device, and not
a third-party application.
7.    Check for any available software updates for your device at Samsung
8.    Verify there is a number in the settings of Messaging, under Message
9.    Verify Airplane mode is not active on the device by pressing and
holding the Power button for one or two seconds. If Airplane mode is not
active, you will see Airplane mode is OFF. Otherwise, touch Airplane mode to
disable this feature.
10. To re-establish a connection with the mobile network, with the device
still on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed,
replace the battery and power on the device. Wait a few seconds for the device
to connect to the network.
11. On select devices, the Preferred Roaming List (PRL) will need to be
updated. Dial *228 and follow the voice prompts to update.
12. Compose a new text message and send it to your 11-digit mobile number
(area code + mobile number).
Note: On some
occasions, such as when roaming internationally, it may be necessary to change
the phone number format in the  contact
card by adding a +1 in front of the number. For example, +19725550123.

Note: If you recently
switched from an Apple iPhone to a Samsung device, it may be necessary to log
out of iMessage. 

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