How to Fix A Samsung Galaxy A50 that won’t turn on or respond

The Samsung Galaxy A50 comes packed with an impressive hardware specs. It’s one of the most popular phones in the mid-range category. However, it’s not perfect and you may still encounter some hiccups while using it.

In fact, there were already owners who were complaining because their units powered down and won’t turn on or respond after that. While many would think that it’s a hardware issue, most of the time, it’s actually just a pretty minor firmware problem, which you can fix by yourself.

To fix a Samsung Galaxy A50 that won’t turn on, here’s what you should do:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down button. 
  2. While holding down the Volume Down button, press and hold the Power key as well. 
  3. Now keep both keys held down together for 20 seconds. 

Most of the time, this will fix the problem and make your phone respond again. However, if it’s still not responding after this, then you should try this instead:

  1. Connect the phone to the charger that’s plugged into a working outlet. 
  2. Leave the device connected to its charger for 10 minutes.
  3. Now, press and hold the volume down button and the power key together for 20 seconds or more. 

What we actually did here is perform the forced reboot because most of the time, this is just a result of a firmware crash.

I hope this helps. 

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