Are getting Google Play Store error 403 on your phone today? Here are the solutions to your problem: How to Fix Google Play Store Error 403

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Scenario: I’m wondering if
you could help me solve an annoying problem I have with my Samsung Galaxy S3
play store server. It’s been a couple of months now since I tried to access
Google play store server with my phone but I keep getting a server error
message. Usually, the message prompted on a grey screen.

I can’t
remember a time that I’d changed anything on my GS3 phone settings that’s why
I’m wondering how I got this error.

In an
attempt to get this problem resolved with my own, I tried to clear the cache,
restarted my phone and then uninstalled the updates. But still, it didn’t work
out. I also contacted the tech support and all they told me to do was the same thing
I did, clearing the cache and rebooting the phone. Appreciate if you have any
workarounds for this one.


these steps to fix this problem:

1. On your
Galaxy S3 menu, go to Settings, then select Apps, then All,
and finally Google Play Store.

2. Under Google
Play Store
, press the Clear Data option and then Force Stop.

3. Go back
to Settings again, and then Apps, then select All, and
then locate Google services framework from the sorted list. In case you
cannot find Google Services Framework from the sorted list, try to
scroll right to the bottom of the list. Sometimes, this item is disabled. If it
is disabled, you need to enable it first, so you can proceed to the next step.

4. Under Google
Services Framework
, clear data and then Force stop.

5. Go back
to Settings, then Apps, and then All.

6. From
the All menu, locate and select Download Manager and the select Clear

doing all the aforementioned procedures, turn off your Galaxy S3 phone for
about 60 seconds and then turn it back on. Try to access Google Play Store this
time and it should be working fine. If by all means, the above given solution
won’t solve your problem, please contact the Support Team again so your issue
will be escalated to the appropriate support team.

Good luck!

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