Setting Up Voicemail and Personal Greeting on ATT Samsung Galaxy Alpha

You can activate and use Basic Voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha so you won’t miss important calls when you’re unable to answer. This service is free to all ATT wireless subscribers on any calling plan.

galaxy alpha setup voicemail personal greeting tutorial

You can set up Basic Voicemail as soon as you activate your phone.

In order to use Basic Voicemail, you need to set up your voice mailbox then you can start recording personal greeting, listen to messages and manage orther voicemail settings according to your preference. You can also enable your password to add security on your voicemail messages.

Learn how to set up your voicemail and greeting, check your voicemail messages, manage voicemail messages, customize voicemail settings and get help with voicemail with this guide.

Setting up Voicemail and Personal Greeting on Galaxy Alpha

1. To get started, call the voicemail system from your wireless phone by pressing and hold the number 1 key. For ATT wireless home phone, voicemail system can also be accessed by dialing the number 1 key from your connected home phone.

2. Choose your preferred language. Press 1 to hear your voicemail prompts in English, or press 2 for Spanish.

3. Follow the voice prompts to create and enter a voicemail password. Voicemail password must be 4- to 15-digit characters.

4. Choose the type of greeting you want to be played to callers before they leave you a message. Among the available options are as follow:

  • Standard Greeting with your number – tells callers that you’re unavailable, then press the # key to continue. To select this option, press 1.
  • Standard Greeting with your name – tells callers that yo are unavailable, then press the # key to continue. To select this option press 2.
  • Personal greeting – lets you set or assign your personal greeting. To select this option, press 3.


If you select the Standard Greeting with your name or Personal greeting, follow the prompts to record your name or personal greeting then press the # key.

A brief voicemail tutorial is also offered to help you complete the set up process. Just listen to it, then press 2 to continue. To return to the Main Menu, press the * key. You may opt to end the call now, or follow the prompts to listen to your messages or make other changes to your voicemail.

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