Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S4 That Does Not Respond To Power Key [All Carriers]

galaxy s4 remove battery
Removing Galaxy S4’s battery.
This troubleshooting guide is applicable to
all Samsung Galaxy S4 variants, may it be from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon,
T-Mobile or any other carriers around the world. I will address one specific
problem, i.e. Galaxy S4 doesn’t respond to the Power Key when pressed to boot.
Here is a couple of emails our readers sent us regarding this problem:
AT&T Galaxy S4 Owner: I don’t know what
happened to my Samsung Galaxy S4, which I bought from AT&T, it seems to be
not responding to the power key. When I press the power button, it just doesn’t
do anything even if I long-press it. I don’t know if this is an isolated issue
or a common one but if you something that could solve this problem, I would
love to read about it. Thanks.
Verizon Galaxy S4 Owner: After I installed
a certain application, my phone (Verizon Galaxy S4) started running very slow
with freezes and lags. I wanted to do a reboot but the phone didn’t respond to
the power button. I pressed the power button more than a hundred times already
as the problem happened yesterday but still the phone won’t turn itself off.
What should I do?

Possible Causes

device issue.
device’s software (firmware) is not up to date.
are using non-Samsung OEM accessories such as a battery or charger.
device has been rooted and you have installed a custom version of the Android
operating system.
or liquid damage is present on the device.
application is causing an issue.
has no memory available and may be crashing due to insufficient available


the device still on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has
elapsed, replace the battery and power on the device.
for any available software updates for your device at Samsung Support.
that you are not connecting or using any non-Samsung OEM accessories with your
device. Non-Samsung OEM accessories can cause unwanted behavior. Disconnect or
remove any non-Samsung OEM accessories.
the device plugged into OEM charger, hold down the Power key for 5-6 seconds
and see if the device attempts to turn on or indicates it is charging.
the phone continues not to respond when you press the power button, have an
authorized technician check on it because it could be hardware / switch issue.
In the U.S., customers who are experiencing
inconvenience with their device can always request for a replacement unit.

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