10 Best (Must-Have) Apps for Apple Vision Pro to Elevate Your Experience

10 Best (Must-Have) Apps for Apple Vision Pro to Elevate Your Experience

Apple’s Vision Pro has reimagined the way we interact with the digital world. This cutting-edge headset seamlessly blends virtual and real environments, ushering in a new era of immersive experiences.

From productivity and entertainment to gaming and creativity, the Vision Pro’s potential is immense. To truly maximize this potential, you’ll need the right apps.

Here’s our comprehensive guide to the top 10 must-have apps for your Apple Vision Pro, designed to enhance your workflow, leisure time, and overall enjoyment of the device.

1. Spatial Cam (Free)

  • What it is: An app that turns your iPhone into a wireless webcam for your Vision Pro.
  • Why you need it: Picture this: you need a second angle for a project or want to keep an eye on things while immersed in your virtual workspace. Spatial Cam connects your iPhone camera to your Vision Pro, giving you extra eyes without the need for additional hardware.
  • How it works: Spatial Cam is incredibly simple to use! Download the app on your iPhone, link it to your Vision Pro, and position your phone for the desired view. It’s great for video calls, monitoring spaces, and more.

2. SynthRiders (Apple Arcade)

  • What it is: An electrifying rhythm game in the vein of Beat Saber.
  • Why you need it: SynthRiders is a full-body, exhilarating VR experience. Colorful orbs fly towards you to the beat of the music, and it’s up to you to hit them with the corresponding colored hand while grooving to the rhythm. It provides a fantastic workout while immersing you in vibrant soundscapes.
  • How it works: Subscription to Apple Arcade gives you access. Once in the game, you’ll get a quick tutorial on the controls, and then the party starts!

3. PGA Tour Vision

  • What it is: An app for golf enthusiasts that brings the courses to your Vision Pro.
  • Why you need it: Imagine stepping onto some of the world’s most iconic golf holes in stunning 3D. PGA Tour Vision lets you analyze the terrain, track live shots, and even test out your swing from a first-person perspective.
  • How it works: The app recreates select PGA Tour courses in incredible detail. You can freely rotate and explore the models, getting a feel for the course like never before.

4. Juno for YouTube ($4.99)

  • What it is: An alternative YouTube client.
  • Why you need it: Strangely, there’s no official YouTube app for the Vision Pro yet. Juno steps in to create a clean, immersive viewing experience. Watch your favorite creators and channels in distraction-free, full-screen glory.
  • How it works: After purchasing, Juno integrates smoothly into your Vision Pro. Search for videos, manage subscriptions, and browse just like regular YouTube, but bigger and better!

5. Abduction

  • What it is: A visually stunning puzzle adventure.
  • Why you need it: Abduction delivers a captivating puzzle experience, perfectly reimagined for the Vision Pro. The game takes you on a strange journey through an alien world, using the headset’s room-scale capabilities to interact with the environment itself in the process of solving intricate puzzles.
  • How it works: Abduction is primarily a single-player experience with a focus on environmental interaction and brain-twisting challenges.

6. Now Playing

  • What it is: A music player designed for your Vision Pro.
  • Why you need it: Imagine dynamic album covers floating next to you, lyrics flowing to the music, and artist info always accessible. Now Playing elevates your music experience by bringing all these elements into your virtual space for an intuitive and enriching way to interact with your favorite tunes.
  • How it works: Now Playing links with your music apps and pulls information accordingly. Your music controls and visuals become a beautifully integrated part of your Vision Pro world.

7. FloatNotes (Free)

  • What it is: An app for placing virtual sticky notes around you.
  • Why you need it: Sometimes, you just need a simple reminder readily visible! FloatNotes lets you add colorful sticky notes anywhere within your Vision Pro workspace for quick to-do lists, ideas, or important info.
  • How it works: Install the app, place a note, type out what you need, and move it wherever you like!

8. Shortcut Buttons ($7.99)

  • What it is: An app to create custom shortcut buttons for your Vision Pro.
  • Why you need it: Elevate your Vision Pro workflow with customized shortcuts. These could be for opening apps, triggering routines, sending specific text messages, or anything you can imagine.
  • How it works: You design the shortcut button, customize its function, and then place it in your virtual environment for easy access.

9. Fantastical (Subscription)

  • What it is: A beautifully designed calendar app that goes beyond traditional scheduling.
  • Why you need it: Fantastical brings your calendar to life within your Vision Pro space. Its intuitive natural language input makes event creation a breeze (“Lunch with Sarah tomorrow at 1pm”). Plus, visualizations and integrated task lists help streamline your entire schedule and keep you on track.
  • How it works: Fantastical syncs with your existing calendars and integrates with various to-do list apps. Its clean interface and powerful features offer a seamless scheduling experience on your Vision Pro.

10. Immersed (Subscription)

  • What it is: An app that lets you use your Mac within your Vision Pro environment.
  • Why you need it: Immersed revolutionizes multitasking on the Vision Pro. Experience multiple virtual screens representing your Mac’s workspace, letting you work on documents, browse the web, and run Mac software all from within your headset.
  • How it works: Subscription grants access to the Immersed software for både your Vision Pro and your Mac. Once installed, your Vision Pro wirelessly replicates your Mac’s screen, bringing all your favorite programs into your virtual world.

The Apple Vision Pro represents a bold leap into the future of mixed reality experiences. These 10 must-have apps are just the beginning of your journey.

Whether you’re seeking increased productivity, unbounded entertainment, or innovative ways to connect with others, the Vision Pro app ecosystem holds incredible promise. As developers continue to create new and exciting experiences, the possibilities will only continue to expand.

Don’t miss out – explore this app list, experiment, and discover what the Apple Vision Pro can do for you!