How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone 15 [Infographics]

How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone 15 featured

AirDrop is an incredibly useful iPhone feature for wirelessly sharing photos, links, and more between Apple devices. However, it doesn’t work unless you properly set it up. Here’s how to enable AirDrop on your new iPhone 15.

AirDrop can seem like magic – when it works properly. Being able to quickly send files and content between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with just a couple taps is amazing. But if you’re new to iPhone or haven’t customized your settings, you’ll quickly become frustrated when AirDrop transfers don’t work.

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Don’t worry – with a few quick settings adjustments, you can get AirDrop working flawlessly on your shiny new iPhone 15. This guide walks you through exactly what to do to enable sending and receiving via AirDrop.

How AirDrop Works

AirDrop uses Bluetooth to detect nearby devices, then WiFi to quickly transfer files without using cellular data. For AirDrop to function properly on your iPhone, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • Bluetooth and WiFi must be enabled
  • Both devices need to be signed into iCloud
  • AirDrop has to be turned on in Control Center

With those requirements met, AirDrop is ready to share!

Enable AirDrop on iPhone 15 Settings

To get started with AirDrop on your iPhone 15, you need to enable the feature beforehand. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: First, open the Settings app then tap General.

Step 2: Tap on AirDrop and then choose Either Everyone for 10 Minutes or Contacts Only depending on if you want to receive from all nearby Apple devices or just your contacts.

Step 3: Confirm Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled by heading to your iPhone’s Settings menu.

Step 4: Sign into your iCloud account, if you haven’t already.

Now, your AirDrop settings are configured!

Use AirDrop on iPhone 15

Once enabled, using AirDrop on your iPhone 15 is simple:

  1. Open whatever you want to send – photo, web link, document, etc.
  2. Tap the Share button (box with arrow pointing out)
  3. Select AirDrop from the share menu
  4. Choose a nearby device to share with
  5. Accept the transfer on the receiving device

And that’s it – you have successfully AirDropped an item from your iPhone!

AirDrop Tips

Here are some useful tips for getting the most out of AirDrop on your iPhone 15:

  • Want more privacy? Change to Contacts Only mode.
  • Not finding who you want? Have them open AirDrop on their device.
  • Transfers not working? Move closer together and confirm WiFi & Bluetooth are on.
  • Make sure to accept transfers quickly before the request expires.
  • You can AirDrop to Macs and to older iPhone models too.

AirDrop vs Other Sharing Methods

AirDrop has some benefits compared to other wireless sharing options:

  • AirDrop is much faster than texting or emailing.
  • It works offline while WiFi & Bluetooth are active.
  • No cell data is used so it works anywhere.
  • More secure than opening your phone to unsecured hotspots.
  • Easy to use between your own Apple devices.

Troubleshooting AirDrop Issues

“I was so excited to use AirDrop on my new iPhone 15 Pro to send photos to my sister’s MacBook. But no matter what I try, her Mac never shows up as an option. I’ve turned WiFi and Bluetooth off and on again, restarted both devices, signed in to iCloud, but nothing works. Apple really oversells how easy AirDrop is when in reality it’s a total pain to set up.”

– random iPhone 15 user comment

Situations like this emphasize the importance of double checking your settings are configured correctly. Oftentimes it’s a simple thing like WiFi being disabled that prevents AirDrop from functioning properly.

If you encounter problems using AirDrop on your iPhone 15:

  • Update your iPhone and other device software. Older versions can cause issues.
  • Turn AirDrop off and back on in Control Center.
  • Double check all devices have WiFi/Bluetooth enabled.
  • Move closer if transfers fail or are slow. 10-30 feet is ideal.
  • Restart both devices and retry the transfer.
  • Check if network firewalls are blocking connections.

All Set for AirDropping!

When set up properly, AirDrop is one of the best features for seamlessly sharing files between Apple devices. Follow this guide to enable AirDrop on your iPhone 15 and verify the necessary wireless settings are activated.

With a few quick taps, you’ll be wirelessly sending photos, links, documents, and more in no time.